N.B. to re-examine vehicle inspection

You might have to work a little harder to keep that bike on the road if New Brunswick brings in mandatory motorcycle inspections. Photo: My68FLH.com

A few months ago, we told you New Brunswick was thinking about bringing in mandatory annual motorcycle inspections. Well, that might not happen just yet.

According to the Telegraph-Journal newspaper, the provincial government is undergoing a review of the entire motor vehicle inspection system for the province. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are the only two provinces to require annual inspections at this point, since Nova Scotia changed their regulations.

Of course, when the Tories get around to revising the Motor Vehicle Act, they may still include motorcycles in whatever new legislation they cook up – they said they are going to examine motorcycles’ place in whatever the new inspection program is. It’s possible the government will move to inspections every two years, instead of every year, like neighboring Nova Scotia has.

So, if you’re in New Brunswick, and you feel strongly either way on this subject, make sure to contact your MLA, before the decision is made for you. Otherwise, it may not be a result you like.

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