Syndicate CMG Daily News

Would you like to add some high-quality, frequently updated motorcycle news content to your web page? Tap into the the CMG Daily News Updates by showing them directly on your site. There’s no cost and the addition of daily news gives your readers a reason to some back frequently to see what’s happening.

Here are some options, from simple to advanced, of how to publish CMG Daily News on your website!

Option #1

For a Basic HTML news-feed, take the code below: 

Here is a preview of how this will look like on your web page! 



Option #2

Click on the green button below the widget and to the left of the "Share this Widget" option and follow the instructions.

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Option #3

Use one of the following Headline Animators (click the "Grab this Headline Animator" below the one you want): News

↑ Grab this Headline Animator News


↑ Grab this Headline Animator