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There are two types of CMG Community accounts:

1) Freebie Sign-up (no charge)

This is a totally free account! Click on the link to go to
the sign-up page and enjoy benefits such as
access to the Discover Your Roads and CMIG sections as well as the
ability to communicate directly with other members of the CMG

Also, if you intend to post on the new forums, you’ll have to register here. Be aware that whatever you use as your username, will also be your forum name. Same goes for the picture you upload.

2) Supporter Sign-up ($15.00 annual fee)

This is a donation account that in addition to all that the Freebie
account offers, allows you to not just show us your love of all things
CMG, but the rest of the CMG readership too! Supporter status gives you
a special icon to go with your profile and appears on your forum posts
to show the world that you’re actively helping CMG to keep doing what
it’s doing with some cold hard cash!

Thank you very much by the way – your support keeps us warm and
fuzzy on those cold Canadian winter nights. Oh, and if you are
currently a CMG-RC member, you automatically get CMG
Supporter Status for the duration of you membership. Double thanks!

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Please note:

We ask for some basic information for your online profile, though you
can add more info in the "non required" fields if you like! Those
fields are on the form because we need that info for CMG-RC memberships
and the system only allows us to use the one form …