Ontario Motorcycle Insurance – List of insurance companies

Here’s a list of all the companies that offer motorcycle insurance. This is not a review or recommendation, just a simple listing.

Many thanks to “Boundless” and GTA Motorcycle for allowing us to use their list which this is based on. Updates as they become available.

1) Brokers (sell policies from a selection of broker-only insurance companies)

The following is a list of insurance brokers who specialize/focus on motorcycle insurance. For a complete list of all brokers, you can go to the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) who offer a Broker Search of members.

Dalton Timmis
Offices: Ancaster, Burlington & Midland Ontario (as well as Calgary, Alberta)
Tel: 1-888-385-8466
Note: also offer vintage insurance and represent all broker channel insurance market

John Duffy Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Offices: Markham
Tel: 905 479 2013 or 1 866 383 3957

JD Smith
Contact: Robin Aldrich (x227)
Tel: 905 764 7868


Offices: Website is their main interface.

Riders Plus
Tel: 416 251 1447 (M-F 9-5)
Note: Exclusive supplier of Echelon General Insurance.

Wiesner Insurance
Offices: Toronto and other areas.
Tel: 416 498 6101

William G. Waters Insurance Brokers Limited
Offices: Scarborough
Tel: 416-291-1097

2) AGENTS (deal with a single company only)

Pricing can be competitive but they will likley require that you also have your car insured with them before they quote on the bike.

State Farm
Agent Search: http://online2.statefarm.com/b2c/sf/AgentLocatorCA


Agent Search: http://allstate.via.infonow.net/locator/?LOC=en_CA

3) DIRECT (sell insurance directly)

As with the Agents, you’ll likely have to move your car with them before they will insure your bike but pricing can be very competitive if you do.

Primmum/TD Canada Trust/Moleche Monnex
Tel: 1-800-816-2808 (M-F 8-8 S 9-4)

ScotiaLife Financial
Tel: 1-866-989-4755 (M-F 8-8 S 8-4)

RBC Insurance
Tel: 1-877-749-7224 (M-F 8-8)
Note: Many restrictions. Eg: “M class license” for 2+ years

PC Financial Insurance
Tel: 1-866-660-9035 (M-F 8-8, S 10-4)
Note: Limited coverage area but are expanding as they grow in size. Many Restrictions. Eg: “M class license” for 2+ years

14 thoughts on “Ontario Motorcycle Insurance – List of insurance companies”

  1. I have an older bike (1983) which many companies will not insure. Here’s what I found April of 2019

    – John Duffy is no longer competitive in the MC market

    – Kanetix and PC financial won’t ensure bikes more than 15yo

    – Allstate requires a full M licence unless you are 30yo or

    -Primmum will only offer liability on older bikes

    -Statefarm, William G Waters, JD Smith, Dalton Timmins, andand Wise all require you to leave a message and wait (sometimes days) for a reply.

    -RBC had horrible wait times to speak to someone (2+hours)

    For the past 4 years, with an old bike and M2 licence, Scotia Financial (now Johnson Insurance) has given me the best deals by far, sometimes a 3rd of the price of other quotes.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for coverage this year!

  2. For those that come after me, I am an M2L license holder and BrokerLink, Riders Plus, Mantha, Insuranceland (3+ years of M restriction), and Intact won’t insure me due to that license limitation… Which is silly, because it means I’m probably less likely to be a risk since I can’t travel faster than 65 km/h…

    State Farm and Dalton Timmins were the only brokerages / agencies that would insure me with that class of license.

    1. As a follow-up, it took quite a while, but ultimately, I was able to get insurance through Intact thanks to the tenacity of a broker at Benson Kearley IFG (http://www.bensonkearleyifg.com/) who pushed my case through.

      I’m paying about $500 / year more than I did with All State before I made the changes to my bike that put it in the “custom” category, but I’m just happy to be properly insured now. Thanks, Chris!

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