Ontario Motorcycle Insurance – Blacklist Guide

Welcome to the OMI Blacklist Guide. Here we will be adding all the so-called blacklists of sportbikes from any insurance company that issues one. However, these are not the easiest of lists to get, so please bear with us; we’ll add more as we get them.

1) Jevco Surcharge List (2010)

According to Jevco, models over 15 years old (from years 1995 and prior) are considered Standard Models and so not subjected to a surcharge (even if they appear here). Also, Jevco adds tha caveat "Motorcycles with similar performance characteristics as sport models,
but not listed as such, will be considered Sport. The Company reserves
the right to reconsider certain models if the need arises."

All models, except Scarabeo

Tornado TRE


All models

Daytona 1000

CBR 600F, 600E2, 600F3
CBR 600F4, 600F4i, 600RR, 600SE
CBR 900, 900RR, 929, 929RR, 954, 954RR
CBR 1000 Hurricane, 1000RR, 1100X, 1100XX
RVT 1000
VTR 1000F, 1000 Firestorm

GPZ 1100
ZX-6, ZX-6R, ZX-6RR
ZX-7, ZX-7R. ZX-7RR
ZX-10, ZX-10R
ZX 600, 600R
ZX 750, 750R
ZX 900, 900R
ZX 1000
ZX 1100
ZX 1200

950, 990, 1190 RC8, 1190 RC8R, RC8

GSX 1300R, 1300R Hayabusa
GSXR 600, 600 Alstare
GSXR 750
GSXR 1000
GSXR 1100
GSXR 1300
RG 250
RG 500, 500 Walter Wolf
TL 1000

Daytona T595. 600, 650, 900, 955, 955i, 1200
Daytona 675, 675 Triple
Daytona Super Three
Speed Triple (T509)
Speed Quatre
Sprint RS, Sport. ST
TT 600

FZR 600, 750, 750R, 1000
YZF 600R, 750, 750R, 750SPE, 1000, 1000R
YZF R6, R6L, R6S

13 thoughts on “Ontario Motorcycle Insurance – Blacklist Guide”

  1. Moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario……just liability for my 2001 Ducati 748s in Ontario – $800. Just bought a 2014 MV Agusta F3 800..full insurance $523.

  2. I wanted to sell my Harley and get something light and strong. They told me today the insurance on a GXR will be 3 times more because some blacklist just from Insu Canada just came out. It is the rider, not the bike you stupid F—‘s. I was in business too. If I could pass my overhead costs to the consumer like the insurance and Hydro companies do, a banana would cost $15 bucks. Too greedy, way too greedy!

    1. I had a 1997 suzuki tl1000s for years. Traded it in for a cruiser. Bought an other one of 2001 vintage and it’s blacklisted. And the insurance on the moto guzzi california just went up 400.$ yes rip off big time

  3. I am suddenly unable to afford the insurance on my 2011 Kawasaki ZX1000, which has just been added to the blacklist. Used to pay $90/month. Now everyone wants $300/month…Liability only.
    Perfect drivers abstract. Not a single claim or accident. 30 years biking experience.
    Interesting that the Z1000 (mechanicaly exactly the same bike, with less plastic bodywork), is not on the blacklist.
    I guess our so-called bureaucrats lack a few brain cells.

    1. And yet how many riders are killed or injured riding Harleys and they are not on the black list! It’s way too easy to blame the bike and not the rider.

      I’m not able to ride my zx-14 because it hasbeme too expensive

    2. Shop around. I recommend the broker Dalton Timmis … they sponsor the bike shows, and they’ve been good to deal with for me.

  4. My TL1000S is not blacklisted by TD insurance but it is at the highest rate, they tell me. It will be interesting to see my bill this spring because I hear from many that it is up 40 to 50%

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