NMBG 2011




Welcome to the 2011 New Model Buyers Guide – a complete index of all the new road-going models (including dual-sports, but not off-road) that will be available in Canada in 2011.

Please note that if the model name is followed by “NFC” that means “Not For Canada” as in you can’t get it here but we thought you’d like to read about it anyway.

Oh yes, and “Concept” denotes that it’s a concept bike and not actually in production (as in also NFC by default).

BTW, the NMBG is an evolving section which continually grows as more new models are released throughout the year. As we update or add to models we’ll be sure to put the new-icon.png symbol next to them on this index page for easy reference.

To see each manufacturer’s new model listings for 2011, click on their logo in the index below or their name on the main NMBG menu to the right (once it appears – you need to get into the system first).

RSV4 Factory SE
Aprilia’s flagship supersport gets slip-free rear grip.
Dorsoduro 1200 This mega motard is coming to Canada.
RS4 125 (2012)
Cute and sporty, it’ll probably be pricey, too.
Tuono V4 (2012)
A sporty naked bike based on the RSV4.
K1600GT There’s only one way to tour, really — on a six!
R1200R Another boxer gets HP2 power
G650GS BMW’s entry-level single makes a comeback, updated.
Concept C
Get your knee sliders out, this scooter means business.


Empulse High performance without gasoline? You bet!
Enertia A basic electric bike you can pick up at Best Buy.



MadAss 125 Is it a scooter or a motorcycle? Definitely funky.

Diavel Look out V-Max and V-Rod, the Diavel lurks.
Monster 1100 EVO
Darwin’s theory of evolution includes Monsters.
Monster 796 A midsized Monster for the masses.
848 EVO
The 848 gest a boost in performance.
1198 SP
DTC, DDC, DQS; Ducati’s superbike gets them all.
XR1200X Harley’s sportiest Sporty gets sportier.
new-icon.png 1200 Custom With ‘phattitude’ …
new-icon.png Black Line Stripped down and black(ish). Why got back?
XL883L Superlow and good-handling? That’s the claim anyway.
Road Glide Ultra
Ultra treatment for this competent H-D tourer.
All we can say is it’s about time.
new-icon.png Gold Wing – 2012 The legendary tourer gets a bit of a makeover.
CB1000R Naked refinement coming to a Honda dealer near you.
CBR125R Styling revisions make this popular Honda more desirable.
Crossrunner – NFC
Think of it as the new VFR800.
Honda’s popular sport bike makes a comeback, but not here.
Crosstour Concept
Honda’s entry into the mega adventure-touring segment.
Mid Concept
A “sector shattering combination” of scooter and motorcycle.
TE/SMR 449 & 511
Now owned by BMW, there’s some technology transfer.
Mille 3 Concept
Husky’s supposed to introduce some street bikes. Here’s a concept.
ZX10R BMW raised the bar; Kawasaki pole-vaulted it cleanly.
Ninja 1000
A sensible open-classer with friendly ergos. Go figure.
1700 Vaquero A long-haul V-twin from Kawasaki.
Ninja 400
We hope this is just the first offering in a once popular displacement class.
W800 – NFC
Does Kawasaki do Brit-bike cool better than the Brits?
990 SMR
Big Supermoto comes to Canada.
RC8R Track
Only want to use the RC8R as a track bike? Look no further.
125 Duke – NFC
Super sexy 125.
Freeride – NFC
Electric bike
Downtown 300i
New mid-displacement replacement for the Bet & Win.
Super 8 150
The sporty Super 8 gets a 150 cc four-stroke single.

Stelvio (standard) Adventure-touring Guzzi style. Coming soon.
Norge GT 8V
Also coming soon, this competent sport-tourer.
F3 Italians know sexy. Period.

MP3 Hybrid
You can now choose between gas or electric.
MP3 City (2012)
A downsized MP3. Should be easier to park.
BV 300 (2012)
Sportier styling for this big-wheeled scooter.
Typhoon (2012)
A 125 cc Typhoon blows into Canada next year.
GSXR600/750 The 600/750s get their latest makeover.
TU250 Retro 250 cc single comes to Canada
GSR750 – NFC
A neat-looking naked bike but you can’t get it here.
Speed Triple
A facelift, new frame and more power. Enough said.
Tiger 800 and 800XC
Triumph takes to the dirt.
Daytona 675R
Ohlins and radial Brembos for the sportiest Triumph.
Sprint GT
A sportier take on Triumph’s sport tourer.
new-icon.png Street Triple Gets the Speed Triple headlights and a little more.
Thunderbird Storm
Darkness looms, a storm’s a comin’.
America/Speedmaster These twins get minor tweaks.
new-icon.png High Ball Apehangers. Say no more.
All Models tweaked New, larger engines and smoother gearboxes for all.
new-icon.png XY400s Three new 400s in various guises.
Super Ténére
Yamaha’s attempt to dethrone BMW’s GS king.
Stryker If your riding gear includes assless chaps and fingerless gloves, the Stryker’s for you.
FZ8/Fazer Two sensible middlewight fours from the tuning-fork company.
250 Ténéré/Fazer – NFC
A mini Fazer and a mini Ténéré for Brazil only.
new-icon.png XU New runabout with removable battery.
new-icon.png Updates All models get updated.