NMBG 2009

2009nmbg_title.jpgWelcome to the 2009 New Model Buyers
Guide – a complete index of all the new road-going models (including
dual-sports, but not off-road) that will be available in Canada in 2009.

Please note, the NMBG is an evolving section which continually grows as more new models
are released throughout the year. As we update or add to models we’ll be sure to put the new-icon.png symbol next to them on this index page for easy reference.

see each manufacturer’s new model listings for 2009, click on their logo in the index below or their name on the main NMBG menu to the right (once it appears – you need to get into the system first).  

  RSV4  New superbike is unveiled.
  Shiva/Mana GT  Aprilia’s mid range twins get small fairings.
  Mana X (concept)  Mana gets radical dirt tracker styling (prototype).
  K1300 S/R/GT  BMW’s K1200 range just got bored out and revamped.
  F800R  The latest naked addition to the F800 family.
  S1000RR  The new superbike is coming to Canada.
  X-Country  Gets shrunk.
  Lo Rider (concept)  Radical (for BMW) new concept (options added).
  1125 CR  Buell minimizes the fairing of the R and goes Café.
  Spyder SE5  Spyder gets auto transmission.
  Fighter  Only Confederate can make this stuff work.
  Cordi R  New 50 cc scoot.
  S1  New 125 cc scoot.
  1198  The 1098 just got bigger.
  Streetfighter  The 1098 just got naked.
  Monster 1100  Latest additions to the Monster family.
  GT1000 Touring  GT 1000 gets some touring attire.
  G 300 LX  Electric scooter.
  Touring models  All the Touring models get a total revamp.
  V-Rod Muscle  The V-Rod designed for the strip.
  Tri-Glide Ultra Cla  New three-wheeler.
  The other bits  Heritage Softail Classic and Street Bob upgrades.
  DN01  Part scooter, part motorcycle, all Honda.
  CBR 1000/600 RR  ABS on a sportbike? Yep.
  CRF230M  The CRF23L goes Supermoto.
  Hornet 600  The Hornet 600 gets a makeover.
  Goldwing 1800  Tire pressure sensors …
  V4 Concept  Radical, but apparently going into production.
  SMQ (concept)
 Eraserhead would be proud …
  GT650R  The GT650R gets FI and sporty brakes.

  1700 Voyager  Kawasaki launch their new 1700 techno cruisers.
  ZX6R  Time for less weight and more power.
  ER6-n  The naked Ninja R comes to Canada.
  Ninja 650R  Sharper looks, motor and chassis.
  KLX250SF  The KLX dual-sporter gets the supermoto treatment.
  Super Sherpa  It dropped off the list for a while, but it’s back!
  Hurricane/F-act 50  A brace of fifty scooters.
  ARN 150  A new 150 scooter.
  KSM 200  Chinese 200 supermoto with enduro kit.
  1190 RC8R  The tuned up R version of KTM’s radical RC8.
  990 Supermotos  Gorgeous supermotos not destined for Canada. 🙁
  990 Adventure R  The higher spec R version arrives.
  690 Enduro R  Enduro 690 gets the R and loses the standard.
  Electric dirt bike (concept)  Electrically powered concept dirt-bike.
  Sento 50  Vespa inspired fifty.
  Frost 200  New 200cc scoot. Brrrrrrrr.
  Due 50
 Odd looking scoot with projector beam headlights.
  Uno 50/150  Scooter available in 50 or 150 formats
  Viron, Spider2, GT1R

 Three 50 cc scooters available in either 2-stroke or 4-stroke!

  4V Sport  The Sport gets the new 4V motor.
new-icon.png SATELIS 500  Maxi scoot comes in Premium and Executive incarnations.
new-icon.png SATELIS 250  Not quite a maxi-scoot.
new-icon.png SATELIS BlackSat 125 Compressor  Yes, a 125 scooter with a blower!
new-icon.png SATELIS 125  Or you can get it sans-supercharger.
new-icon.png SPEEDFIGHT Ultimate 2/RCUP  Sporty liquid-cooled fifties in two variations.
new-icon.png TKR Furious 50  Is it furious because it got the air-cooled motor?
new-icon.png VS2 Retro  Funky retro moped.
  HYMotion 3 (concept)  Concept hybrid three-wheeler.
  MP3 Hybrid (concept)  Piaggio slap a hybrid motor in their MP3 three-wheeler.
  Retro 50
 Chinese version of the Vino with a four stroke motor.
  DLX 50/150  Scooter comes in either 50 or 150 format.
  250 GY  250 dualie for under three grand.
  GSXR-1000  It’s all-new for 2009.
  M90  A new smaller M109R-styled cruiser.
  SFV 650  SV650 with a trellis frame and funky styling.
  The other bits  Bandits, Stroms, GSXs and a (not-for-Canada) TU250X.
  Burgman Sport (concept)  Concept version of the Burgman 400 in GSX-R clothes!


  Symply, Jet Euro & Mio 50
 Three different fifty scoots.
  Fiddlell 50/125
 One scooter, two engine sizes to choose from.
  HD 200i
 Big diameter wheeled scoot.
  RV 250  Maxi style scooter with 250 motor.
  Citycom 300i  16 inch wheeled 300.


 Sporty 50cc scoot.
  Laser 50/150
 Comes with 50 cc two-stroke or 150 cc four-stroke motor.
  Delivery 50/150
 Funky pizza delivery scooter in 50 or 150 formats.
  Street Triple R  The Street Triple gets the goodies from the Daytona 675.
  Daytona 675  More power and upgraded suspension and brakes.
  1600 Thunderbird  Big new parallel twin cruiser.
  Bonnevilles  New SE and 50th models and changes to the standard too.
  Freedom 106  New bigger motor for Jackpot, Hammer and Vision.
  Upgrades & Tweaks  Lots of upgrades and tweaks to other models.
new-icon.png XY400GY & GY-2
 A couple of road bikes with 400 cc singles.
new-icon.png XY400Y-2  The same 400 motor, but in a dual sport chassis.
new-icon.png XY200T-7  Mid-sized scooter.
new-icon.png XY150ZK
 Three wheeled scooter that pivots around the rear.
new-icon.png HYBRID 50
 Hybrid electric/gas scooter!
new-icon.png XY50QT
 Your standard type of scoot.
  V-Max  The iconic V-Max gets a total revamp.
  R1  Power and chassis upgrades from their MotoGP M1 bike.
  V-Star 950  New mid-sized cruiser.
  FZ6R  New sportbike for the real world.
  T-Max  500 cc maxi-scoot finally comes to Canada.
  BW’S 125  BW’s 50 gets a bigger brother.