Forum Rules Page

Due to potential abuses of the forum unfortunately we have to ask posters to abide by the following rules. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your post being deleted, serious flaming from other posters and a possible ban:

NOTE – All opinions expressed here are those of the posters and most likely not those of CMG/MBSR staffers. Please don’t get all offended and email us saying that you’re de-bookmarking CMG/MBSR. It’s really not our fault. If you do feel that we should know something, please e-mail us.

Okay, here are the rules:


1) Promote your own site excessively and definitely not another business! How would you like it if you did a whole load of work setting
something up and some wanker came along to try and grab your readership
and/or get a free ad?

2) Post a link to anything that could be deemed offensive. At least warn the reader in the body of the post.

3) Use obscenities – although ‘bugger’, ‘damn’ and ‘wanker’ are quite acceptable (when used in the right context).

4) Use this board as your own private chat page – the forum is used by lots of people and postings should try and include everybody.


1) DO NOT RESPOND TO ASSHOLES! – By responding to their post you’re just giving the sad little sod a reason to do it more. We will delete them if they are graffiti as opposed to something meaningful.

2) Stay calm – Did you fully understand what they were trying to say? – On the web it’s easy to get hold of the wrong end of the stick!

3) If they are actually having a go at you, be the bigger person – either be courteous in your reply, or just ignore them altogether.