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Triumph TE1 electric motorcycle: The project is complete!

More power and less weight than much of the competition, with 20-minute recharge time.

Triumph’s TE-1 electric project will be unveiled soon

On July 12, Triumph will reveal the TE-1 electric motorcycle to the public. No word on pricing or specs yet!

Here’s Triumph’s electric TE-1 project, ready for road testing

Triumph plans on road and track testing, with a much more polished prototype to be presented in about six months' time.

Triumph moves through Phase 2 of TE-01 electric motorcycle development

Triumph, with the help of private partners and university researchers, is carefully moving its electric motorcycle project along.

Triumph announces e-bike, but where’s the electric motorcycle?

Here's the Trekker GT, with 145-km range of pedal-assist power, and a hefty price tag.

Triumph to build electric bike?

Visordown says Hinckley may be working on a battery bike.

Ducati V21L Electric Racer: Production Begins

The new Italian-built electric bikes will have their first MotoE race at Le Mans this May.

Triumph announces its Modern Classics models for 2023

It seems like Triumph's gasoline-powered lineup isn't changing much for 2023.

Ducati reveals the all-electric V21L racebike

A big data dump gives us the Ducati V21L racebike's horsepower, battery capacity and weight. We can't wait to see it on track.

Energica Experia: New electric sport-tourer, from Italy!

The Energica Experia still doesn't have the battery range for cross-continent strafing runs, but range and quick-charge times continue to improve.