Ontario appears poised to allow motorcycles in HOV lanes

Soon, motorcyclists should be allowed to use the HOV lanes on Ontario highways.

Ontario is one of very few places in the world that doesn’t allow motorcycles in high occupancy vehicle lanes with only a single rider. Upon election, Premier Doug Ford said his government would change this. Today, the province posted upcoming regulatory adjustments that included these changes.

If the planned changes go through, motorcyclists riding without a passenger will be able to ride along the HOV lanes on the 403, 404, 417 and the QEW, which will most definitely serve as an incentive for motorcyclists to ride to work in the GTA.

So, all good news! But our next question is: What about lanesplitting, hrm? Could someone please mention that to Doug Ford next?


  1. “What about lane splitting?” What about it? Do it at with the risk of the driver in mind. Be zen. Set the standard so they pay attention to us. If you get pulled over, you have a defence of driving safely. (If you’re involved in an accident, it’s 100% your fault). Oh yeah. And F Ford!

  2. Mini me Trump, aka Ford, needs his head straightened out on more issues than HOV. Lane splitting? Accepted anywhere but here. Get into the 21st Century.

    • I think you mean mini wynne, this was asked of the Liberal government for years and no action was taken, Ford has been in less than a year and he is making it happen, see the difference?

      • I’m no Ford fan but you are right, he is getting some stuff done for better or worse, and isn’t treating people like children.

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