We’re expanding! Want to ride bikes for us?


All applicants will receive an acknowledgement on or before Monday, April 16

Yes, it’s true. We want to include more motorcycle reviews and stories at Canada Moto Guide, and we’re looking for somebody to join our team as a freelance reviewer, based in the Toronto area.

It’s not a salaried job and there are no benefits, other than getting to ride motorcycles and tell people about it. We pay by the story but you probably won’t get rich. You will have fun, however, and be the envy of your friends.

You don’t need journalism experience, but you do need a clean, full M-rated Ontario driver’s license and strong knowledge of our industry. You also need to live in the GTA, because we’ll want you to ride motorcycles from the manufacturers’ Toronto-based press fleets. You cannot already work for a motorcycle manufacturer or retailer. You need to be able to communicate well, know what you’re talking about, and take excellent photographs, and you need to be versatile and enthusiastic.

Think you’re the right person? Send us a note and tell us why, and who knows? You could become the newest member of our team.

Write to Editor Mark via info@canadamotoguide.com.


  1. Am I the right guy for the job? Maybe ?
    Would I enjoy the job? Hell yah!
    I’m a decent rider and a strictly mediocre writer, but my wife and kids still tolerate my presence so I can’t be all bad right? I’ve been a motorcycle safety instructor on and off for the last 20ish years and I am currently working on instabook/faceballs/twitter feeds for Motorcyclecourse.com, riding small bikes in Kawasaki’s press fleet and blogging on our website (for free, just like a real starving writer). My day job is professor of engineering @ Durham College in Oshawa so, it happens that I tend to have a few days off in the summer, when (perhaps coincidentally) motorcycle riding seems to be at its peak. Just saying… Might work out for all of us!

    Robert Weil

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