One thought on “2018 Kawasaki ZX-14R Jacob Black CMG (40)”

  1. I have a sweet 2008 ZX14 special edition very rare! It’s the one with the red rims and frame, with the body work satin black with lower cowling and rear end red. Ever time I park it young, elderly, and ladies say that’s the most beautiful bike they have seen! I done a lot of work to it,BST carbon fiber rims, Ohlins front and rear suspension,330mm Braketechs full floating rotors, GPR steering stabilizer,fender eliminator,4 HID high beams,and so much more,yes the new version is a bit faster but the new H2 is a bit faster than 14R. There’s only one thing to do beat these bikes and next winter she’s getting wossner big bore 1417 kit strengthen the internals put in a turbocharger,now I got it all,just one thing a wish it would have is ABS. The 14R is getting a little stale,wish Suzuki upgrade their Busa then Kawasaki would use that turbo jet ski engine that’s so 300+ Now,then I’ll buy my last Kawasaki. I began on a H1 500 get it done big K

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