Change of tone: Electronically adjustable exhaust coming to Canada


Just off the press … er, straight from a press release, comes news that Jekill and Hyde exhausts are coming to Canada, just in time to stir the loud pipes debate even further.

Jekill and Hyde’s product addresses the age-old question: What do you do if you want loud pipes, but A) They’re illegal or B) You don’t want to enrage bystanders and neighbours?

Jekill and Hyde solve the problem by offering exhaust systems that are quiet enough to meet legislated noise levels (sometimes quieter than original!), but capable of louder performance with the flip of a switch. According to their press release:

“The electronically controlled and adjustable system allows riders to open and close the exhaust valve with the push of a button mounted on the handlebar. Keep in mind, all of the exhausts are compliant with governmental regulations for sound decibels (in quiet mode), and emissions (all modes).

As an example of how the system works, when arriving in a town at night or leaving first thing in the morning, closing the valve initiates quiet mode, so the sound is dramatically reduced. However, when on the open road and the environment permits, open the valve for a beautifully crafted sound that enhances the joy of riding.

With the exhaust system fitted on a motorcycle, the first chamber eliminates high and middle frequency noise that can be irritating. The valve then directs the exhaust to one of two secondary chambers. The quiet chamber has the same backpressure as stock, whereas the loud chamber gives 6% to 10% more performance, along with a fantastic sound. No mapping or fuel system is needed since the O2 compensates +/- 20%.”

The exhausts are made from stainless steel. They can be customized to individual bikes (can be ordered with different muffler bodies or end caps, or extensions to clear saddlebags, etc.), and are available for most Harley-Davidsons, Indians, and Victory models, as well as boxer BMWs and Honda’s Gold Wing platform. In the future, the exhaust system will be compatible with more brands.

For more details on the exhaust system, check out Jekill and Hyde’s website here. They have some interesting videos here.

The advantages of a system like this in crowded areas like the EU are obvious. While Europeans are crazy about bikes, their politicians aren’t crazy about noise pollution, or any other kind of pollution. An exhaust that meets legal requirements, but also lets motorcyclists raise a ruckus where appropriate, would be very attractive.

Of course, the catch is the price tag (starting at $2,495). Jekill and Hyde sells their systems exclusively through dealers, whose mechanics will be trained on the ins and outs of installation, for warranty reasons. You can find a list of Canadian dealers here.


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  1. Several thoughts:

    1. I don’t believe most loud pipe types give a crap about how much noise they make in town, in fact that’s where they like it the most, so that they can draw the maximum amount of attention. Some mindset as a 3 year old running around the house beating on a pot with a wooden spoon – “Look at me! Look at meeeee!”. Selfish and immature.

    2. Loud pipes don’t just bother people in town or suburban neighbourhoods. People who live in the country for the peace and quiet don’t want to hear your bike, either.

  2. Why would any government allow such a system which would allow people to blatantly disregard sound levels at their whim? Can you imagine the howling from rural residents where this crap would be happening? You think it’s hard to get police attention in a city, but out here in the boondocks, it doesn’t take more than a half dozen irate ratepayers to storm a council meeting, or the local constabulary office before a road gets staked out. We have enough attention and bad PR already.

  3. so the thinking here is people with loud pipes would like to quiet them down ???? umm, I’m guessing not. Just look at the Einstein who thinks he’s “scaring critters off the road”. Sure you are.

  4. Loud pipes save lives and i don’t mean it in people hearing me. But when u live in the far north in moose bear and deer country i know my pipes saved me. It scares the critters off the road before i end up under them and this technology is great. When in citiot territory i can tone them down and in man country I’ll have them up loud. Id invest in this any day but it probably never be available for my bike

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