Tokyo Show: The other bits

Okay, let’s wrap up the new stuff in Tokyo with a quick run down of the other bits that we saw:

Kawasaki released a design sketch of what it is calling the SC-01, though without much information. The implication is that it will keep developing the supercharged motorcycle, the SC-01 being a more inclusive motorcycle than the H2, likely more affordable and possibly with a smaller 650 cc engine.

According to the UK’s Visordown, Suzuki showed off a motor that is likely to be used in its upcoming Recursion turbo’d motorcycle. No more info on that, but pic is in gallery below.

And finally, Yamaha takes the prize for oddest announcement at the show with its Motobot – a motorcycle riding robot. Yamaha is not totally clear about its purpose other than to aid in researching motorcycle safety and support systems, but the video shows it riding an R1-M and it titled ‘to the Doctor’.  Which leads us to believe that it may be a replacement for Rossi when he retires. We assume it will be able to detect when Marc Marquez is alongside and give him a short sharp kick.


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  1. I hope these new turbo and supercharged bikes come with direct injection. That seems to be the key to getting maximum power out of forced induction motors without having to reduce the compression ratio to avoid detonation. High compression forced induction with no detonation is a sweet thing, and that’s what direct injection allows you to attain.

    Thanks for the t-shirts and pic Michael Uhlarik, you rock!

  2. I laughed out loud regarding the sharp, short kick. Nice! Just for reference though, one video replay of the event convincingly shows that Marquez touches Rossi first, which is then followed by return contact from The Doctor. Not sure about how the Moto GP rules apply to this kind of situation. Perhaps the rules don’t specify “first-contact” as being in any way consequential. Just thought I’d mention it.

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