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Russia and back home

We left Rene battling a windstorm in Mongolia, just before the border with Russia. For this, our last update of Rene’s momentous trek around the world, his plan was to ride through Russia to the east coast port of Vladivostok from where he could ship the bike over to Seattle and ride his final border crossing back to Canada.

Slow boat to Yemen

“Two Belgian Tourists and Two Yemeni Guides killed by Al-Qaeda”.

The news told the story of a convoy of five Land Cruisers in a remote but well-known tourist valley. The gunmen were hidden behind a parked Land Cruiser on the side of the road and as the convoy approached, they jumped out, spraying the first vehicle with automatic gunfire.

Lake Turkana Adventure part 1

Guy and Marleen are a couple of travelling Belgians that I’ve been bumping into all the way up Africa. They used to have a BMW 1100GS that they’d ride two-up through many of their tours of Africa and South America but for this altogether tougher trip they’re in a Toyota Hilux pickup that’s set up for life in the bush, complete with rooftop tent and 12V fridge packed with beer and cheese!