Scooter Buyer's Guide 2010


Welcome to the 2010 Scooter Buyers Guide – a complete index of specs and pics of all the scooters (though not electric or mopeds) that are available in Canada in 2010.

To see each manufacturer’s model listings, click on their logo below or on the index at the side.  


  SR 50 Factory This maker of fine Italian sport bikes also has a small selection of sporty scooters.
  SportCity 50
  SportCity 125
  Scarabeo 200
  SportCity 300
  Quadro This Chinese manufacturer claims to be the top selling scooter seller in Australia, Italy and the UK. Now available in Canada.

  Chase 50 Chase Vinny in a Tuxedo with a Pistol. OK, it’s not so witty, but we couldn’t think of a better way to use the model names of scooters from this Chinese manufacturer.
  Pistol 50R
  Vinny 50
  Chase 150
  Vinny 150
  Tuxedo 250
  Cordi R50
Daelim scooters are made in South Korea though only the Cordi R50 is imported into Canada right now.
  Beamer III
Briggs & Stratton, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Renault, Cummins – what do they have in common? They all have components made at E-Ton’s factory in Taiwan.
  Matrix 50
  Sport 50
  Matrix R4 – 150
Honda doesn’t have many scooters in Canada, but it offers good coverage from the Vespa-esque Jazz 50 to the unique Ruckus 50, to the big wheeled, very sensible SH150i commuter to the maxi-scooter Silver Wing.
  Silver Wing
  Prima Hyosung has been in Canada for several years now, and we get a small selection of motorcycles and scooters from this South Korean manufacturer.
  MS3 250
  F-ACT 50
Despite having only two models in the line-up, both two-strokes and both 50s, this company has an impressive dealer network.
  Hurricane 50
  People S 50
KYMCO of Taiwain has the widest selection of scooters in this buyer’s guide, from an air-cooled 50 cc two-stroke to a maxi-scooter liquid-cooled 500 cc four-stroke single.
  Sento 50
  Super 8 50 2T
  Vitality 50
  People S125
  Bet & Win 150
  People S200
  Frost 200i
  Bet & Win 250
  Xciting 500 Ri ABS
  Due 50
International pedigree: rights to the Italian name are now owned by Scooters India Ltd., who renames Taiwanese-made Adly scooters for sale as Lambrettas in North America.
  Uno 50
  Uno 125
  Speedfight 2 Ultimate
Need a stylish mode of transportation to pick up some cheese, wine, maybe a baguette? Do it on a French made Peugeot scooter.
  TKR Furious
  Vivacity 50
  Satelis 125 Premium
  Satelis 250 Premium
  Satelis 500 Premium
  Big Max 50

This Taiwanese company started off in 1964 and got their breakthrough a technological cooperation with Italy’s Piaggio in 1972.

  G-Max 50
  PMX Naked
  T-Rex B1
  Fly 50 What sets Piaggio apart from other scooter manufacturers? Its three-wheeled MP3 models that lean.
  Fly 150
  BV 300 Tourer
  MP3 Tourer
  MP3 Sport
  Deluxe 50
If you’re in the dark about Saga scooters, so are we. They’re imported from China and branded Saga in Canada only. At least you’ll be riding something unique …
  Retro 50
  Deluxe 150
  Cruise 250
  Burgman 400
Only two available here, both in the mega-scooter category. There’s a Burgman 400 for urban sprinting and a 650 for the longer haul.
  Burgman 650
Exec ABS
  Fiddle II 50
Another scooter maker from Taiwan, Sym has been around since 1954. Trivia: Sym has ties to Hyundai, helping with the manufacture of cars for the Korean domestic market.
  Jet Euro
  Mio Fashion
  Symply 50
  Symba 100
  Fiddle II 125
  HD 200
  RV 250
  Citycom 300
  Delivery 50
If you aspire to a career delivering pizza, TGB has the scooter for you. The Delivery 50 will carry a dozen or more pies, but if you’ve got to deliver in under 30 minutes or it’s free, choose the TGB Delivery 150.
  Laser R 50
  R 50 X
  Delivery 150
  Laser R 150

  Nitro 50
Tomos is well known for its line of mopeds, but did you know this Slovenian company also makes scooters? Did you know it was Slovenian?
  Nitro 150
  Velo 150
  LX 50 4V With their retro styling, selective clientele and luxury-brand pricing, Vespas are the Harleys of the scooter world.
  S 50
  LX 150
  LXV 150
  S 150
  GTS 300
  GTS 300 Super
  GTV 300
  BWs 50
Yamaha has an eclectic mix of models, from the best-selling BWs 50 to the Coleman cooler styled C3 to the R1-emulating TMAX.
  Vino 50
  XF 50 C3
  BWs 125
  Vino 125