Grand-Mére to Les Escoumins (Tadoussac)

Grand-Mére to Les Escoumins (Tadoussac)
Author : Zac Kurylyk         Distance : 491km         Avg. Time : 6 hrs 10 mins View Larger Map
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The route to Tadoessac is a lovely ride.
The route to Tadoussac is a lovely ride.

The day starts heading northward along 155, along the Riviére-aux-Rats. It’s a lot bigger road than the stretch through La Mauricie park at the end of the Tremblant-Grand-Mére trip, but it’s still a great ride. There are plenty of chances for photo-ops along the riverbanks, and you can carry more speed through here through the sweepers, but remember that the increased visibility means police radar can pick you up long before you see them.

Rob grabs a riverside snap. Photo: Zac Kurylyk
Rob grabs a riverside snap. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

In La Tuque, the road diverges from Riviére-aux-Rats and heads up and down rolling hills and around lakes through the woods until you reach Rt. 169, in Chambord.  It’s mostly farmland between here and Saguenay (you take the 170, then the 172), and not terribly exciting, although there’s a very impressive view of Lac-Saint-Jean as you head uphill towards Saint-Bruno. Just don’t miss the lookoff, as the lake is behind you.

You leave Saguenay on the 172 again, along the Saguenay River, then into the woods. After the boredom of navigating your way through Saguenay, the twisties here should be a treat. Eventually you’ll come to a T; a right on 138 takes you down to the town of Tadoussac, where the local tourism industry will gear up for a raid on your wallet. It’s a pretty town, though, and worth a visit.

A left on 138 takes you to the ferry at Les Escoumins that will take you across the ever widdening St Lawrence River and to the south shore for those heading to the Maritimes. if that’s you, get on board and settle down for the short ride to Trois-Pistoles.

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