PDF Map Guide

Getting the Most From the Route Maps

Why did you choose the PDF format?

PDF files permit vectored graphics that retain their clarity at extreme
magnification. This allows us to highlight and print out detail that would
not be possible with other formats. The format is platform friendly and
the PDF
is widely available for free.

How do I View PDF Maps?

You will need the Acrobat Reader from adobe.com.
We have tested our maps with version 5.1 operating under Windows XP and
Mac OS 9 & X. Once installed, merely click on the PDF links and the Acrobat
Reader will take it from there.

Can I view just a section of the map?

Click on the zoom in tool (see illustration above) and then use
it to click on area you wish to view in greater detail, or you can use
it to drag around the exact area you want to magnify.

How do I search Along the Way information on the PDF map?

The Along the Way data provides a PDF map search word which allows you
to pinpoint the location of the item on the map. With the map loaded in
the Acrobat Reader, click on the magnification setting and choose 400%.
Click on the find icon and type the word you’re looking for following
the "=" sign from the PDF map search. The map will centre on
the item. Zoom out to your desired magnification by choosing from the
magnification setting menu or by clicking on the "-" icon.

How do I print?

Although the maps may be printed in an actual scale multi-page
format, they are designed to be printed and easily read in a handy
one-page format. From the Acrobat Reader menu, click on the print icon.

For most printers the Acrobat Reader will scale and rotate
automatically. If you’re having problems then make sure that the
following settings match: from the print menu (example below) in the
copies and adjustments section choose shrink oversized pages to paper
size and auto-rotate and center pages. Press OK to print.

If your
output is in grey tones you will have to access your printer properties
section and choose colour printing. If your printer overprints to a
second page, make sure that your paper size setting matches the actual
paper size.

Can I print just a portion of the map?

Yes. From the Acrobat Reader menu click on the graphics select
tool and then drag it around the area you wish to print. Then select
the print icon. On the print menu, the selected graphic should be
automatically highlighted in the print range section. You can then
indicate in the copies and adjustments section whether you wish to
shrink your selection, or leave the scale as is.

My printed colours don’t look the same as the screen map:

We have selected web colours for our maps to try to obtain
consistency across platforms and printouts. However, due to variances
of monitors, printers and inks, printed colours may vary considerably
from those originally produced.