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  • He says in the comments under the video that he was wearing a snowsuit, as he would on a snowmobile, but no heated hear of any kind.

  • Kawasaki’s smallest sport-cruiser has been around since 2016, and it’ll stick around, unchanged, in 2020. This is good news: it’s a fun and affordable bike.

    I almost wrote “little bike” there but stopped m […]

  • I wasn’t going to write about Neil Peart and his death this month after a three-year fight with brain cancer. I figured everything that could be written about him would be written by others more familiar with h […]

  • Three things to know about the Indian Chieftain Elite, before you read any more:

    It’s very expensive. Remember how we told you that the Indian FTR 1200 S was very expensive? Well, you can buy two of them f […]

    • Baggers aren’t my… uhh… bag, but if I was shopping for one, the Chieftain would probably be at the top of my list. Hauling ass across the California desert at around 90 mph, the big Indian was as content as could be gobbling up miles — and the sound system was great (only the coyotes and rattlesnakes were bothered by my musical tastes). But the Chieftain Elite is insanely priced, as Mark said, so I’d pick a base model Chieftain, option in that outstanding 116 engine and swap out the bland looking parts for chrome ones over time (fun winter projects) and come in at roughly the same price as the Yamaha Star Eluder ( ) that’s not as fun to ride, nor does it have the ‘Murica cachet.

  • Zac recommended Netflix’s latest motorcycle documentary this week and I stopped everything to watch it. I’m home sick with the ’flu, and it was an excuse to crank up the TV and get out of my own stuffed-up head […]

  • There are five different 1260 Multistradas in the Ducati lineup: a basic one (1260), a souped-up one (1260S), a hot-shot one (Pikes Peak) and, new for 2020, a touring one (GT). All of those bikes, like your […]

    • I bet you’re right… just like all those owners of the “mall-crawler”, jacked-up Jeeps that never get to see a trail or mud bog. The bike (especially a tall, heavy one like this) is at least difficult to ride off-road, but a Jeep is a breeze, suggesting there’s even less justification for it never getting dirty.

  • I screwed up on Saturday when I went to the big Toronto bike show. I had to collect my wife from the airport at 6 pm, which is right around the corner from the show, so I arrived at lunchtime to allow a few hours […]

    • So…. CMG challenge for 2020: Get Richardson to do a review of the various chaps that are available. On second thought, I can imagine it now “And it was important for me to review them all without my jeans to test how soft the leather is… ” (Shudder)…

  • Thanks Wilfred! Now we just have to get the bugs fixed and restore all those lost stories…

  • I subscribed to Cycle Canada’s digital edition last October when I wrote this column. It cost me $8 for eight editions a year. I’ve yet to see a single digital edition. I’m not surprised.

  • A year ago, I wished a happy new year to CMG’s growing readership, and I made a promise: “This year, I want motorcycles to help me realize something that I’ve not properly understood,” I declared. “I want that […]

  • Kawasaki’s updated the trusty and popular Z650 for 2020. You can read about it here, but the short strokes are that its emissions have been cleaned up a little, the gauges are now displayed on a more up-to-date T […]

    For a rider at Christmas, there’s no greater gift
    Than to take out the bike for a mid-season lift.
    When there’s snow on the ground and a bite to the air,
    Your bike is still wai […]

  • The Suzuki V-Strom has been around for most of this century, in both 650 cc and 1000 cc versions. The smaller DL650 is in its third generation now, and the larger DL1000 (which had sales suspended for a couple of […]

    • I’ve ridden the previous gens of both. Love, love loved the 650 when Rob had it and did the project on it … until he changed the exhaust and made it too loud, and changed the seat and made it less comfortable. I did put a lot of miles on it, though, and would definitely consider buying one if it wasn’t for the chain drive. It would hold Montana-legal speeds all day if you wanted it to, as you pointed out. A friend I used to work with in my newspaper days had one, and it took him and his wife two-up all over NS.

      Have less experience on the Thou, but we had one on our 2014 NS tour and I was blown away at what a competent, all-round bike it was for very little money. I would buy the 650, though, and put the money towards travel …

    • Pricing on the 650 is excellent.

      Suzuki’s bikes may be a bit long in the tooth, but their DR650 and V-Strom pricing is by far best in the segment. I think VanVan and TU250 pricing are pretty good too. No idea why you don’t see a lot more of them on the streets–maybe the terrible paint colours they’ve gone to? I swear they paint half the lineup with colours they buy on clearance at a battleship supply depot.

  • Thank you Paul. We’ve fixed the story to reflect this. After all, I can’t imagine Robert Pirsig would have trusted the work to anyone else, and I’ll bet he didn’t do it with the radio playing in the background.

  • Actually, you need a copy of my book, Zen and Now, which follows the roadtrip to act as a primer and explains everything, as well as being a biography of the elusive Pirsig himself.

  • Did you catch it last week, in Costa’s story about the BMW E-Roadster?

    “I’ve ridden 200-plus horsepower superbikes and have never felt such ferocious acceleration,” he wrote, and then, “The first time I rolled […]

  • I’m lucky you’re reading this review. Riding the 790 Duke turned me from a mild-mannered Gold Wing lover and Harley owner into a wannabe hooligan, ripping and snorting all over town. Sling a leg over the low 825 […]

    • It’s going to take a long time for me to forgive that you got to review this one instead of me. I’ll be looking at these used in a few years for sure.

  • I’m on a mini-road trip this week with CMG’s Jeff Wilson, riding a pair of Indians through the southern California desert. You’ll read all about it properly after Christmas, including our reviews of the two bikes […]

    • Absolutely! The one caveat to that is when riding out of the country and wanting /needing a hit of free wifi, McDonalds is always a good stop (plus, the coffee is half-decent too).

  • Here at CMG, we’re not afraid to speak our mind. If we don’t like a bike, we’ll say so and tell you why.  Life’s too short and your time is too valuable for us to cozy up to manufacturers as some other web site […]

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