Roaming Rally 2016

Roaming Rally 2016
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26th May 2016 - 29th May 2016
@ The Loon's call Campground and Cottage Resort

About the event

The Roaming Rally is a three-day ride for adventure bikes and overland trucks, running in eastern Ontario this year. Before showing up, riders are given a GPS file containing a suggested route (some sections may be impassible, and there are no sweep riders, so make sure you’re 100% self-sufficient) that guides them from the day’s start to finish.  After registration and vehicle inspection, you’ll do a loop on Day 1, then Point A to Point B on the second and third days.

This year (the rally’s sixth edition), there are two routes. The first is suitable for bikes 650 cc-1000 cc, and overland trucks. Riders can expect trails and gravel roads, with pavement connecting those sections. There will also be water crossings. The second follows much of the same terrain, but adds in more challenging section. As a result, there are no trucks on Route Two, and organizers recommend bikes 450 cc or smaller. In previous years, this more challenging route saw around 10 per cent of riders finish.

Regardless of which route you take, the organizers stress the rally is not for beginners. Be prepared to run 450-600 kms off-road in a day. Riders must sign up as part of a team (3-5 bikes) — no solo riders allowed.

Typically, the first day of the rally is the hardest, but this year, the second day will be the most challenging. If you’re unable to complete the route, it isn’t a big deal: The organizers say not everyone shows up with the intention of finishing, and the social side of the event is just as fun.

Registration cost is $89. More details on the event can be found here.

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