Adventure MTCTAN, Gaspésie on the Rocks

Adventure MTCTAN, Gaspésie on the Rocks
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12th Aug 2016 - 14th Aug 2016

About the event

The MTCTAN/Gaspésie on the Rocks event returns for its seventh edition, with adventure riding through the fabulous Chic Choc Mountains in the Gaspesie Peninsula of Quebec.

The ride has two levels, a “Cool” and a “Hot” over three days, starting and ultimately ending in the town of Matane. Due to the nature of the route (there is only one option) it is for dual-purpose motorcycles only, with a minimum of 50-50 tires. Motorcycles should be able to do at least 170 km between gas stops. Teams are of 6 and are guided via GPS tracks.

Price is $25 to register but if you do not have a trail permit you will need to buy one for another $30 and since it is a RidAventure event, you’ll need to get a membership for another $10. Otherwise accommodation is extra with meal stops at restaurants along the way.

CMG rode this event a few years back and went on to ride the Gaspesie and had a blast. If  you’ve not ridden this area of Quebec before then make sure you put this on your bucket list. More details (via Google Translate) are available here.



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