Emailbag Info

Okay, since there’s
two aspects to the Emailbag, the Emailbag itself (general questions) and the Techknowbag (technical questions),
we’re going to ask you to decide which one it is and then
choose the correct link below (click on image).

will be posted in the Emailbag section of the Daily News
on CMG.

P.S. Not sure what type of question
we like? We’ve laid that out below as well.

is where you want to go if you have a general (non-technical) motorcycle
related question that you’d like to pose to our panel of experts.
Got a
technical problem? Much like the Emailbag, this portal sends your question
to our panel of technically minded experts for diagnosis.


Things we do like …

1) Correct spelling and decent grammar.

we can work around it, but we’re not exactly pleased
when we have to spend time rewriting a question so that it’s
eligible. Use the word processor on your computer and then
cut and paste it into your request.

2) Technical Details.

If you’re asking a technical question about a particular bike, what
bike is it? Year, make, model? What’s exactly wrong
(try not to ramble or contradict yourself)?
Oh, and what work have you have done to date and what was result?

The better the
info, the more accurate the response. Oh, and please try to
keep it condensed. A 1000 word story just isn’t going
to make it.

4) When you include your full name.

Readers want to know who said what. 

5) Funny stuff.

don’t try to do it if you’re not funny. However,
if you are a funny guy, feel free to slip one in. A joke
that is.

Things we don’t like …

1) Requests for easy to find stuff:

– If it’s technical data, please go out and buy a manual
or ask your local dealer. By asking us to do it, all we
can do is do the same … which we don’t do. So
why ask?

If it’s shop information, try the Yellow Pages or a Google search.

2) When you send a question that needs an answer in the next
couple of days.

could take up to a week or so to get the question out to our experts and back, so please be patient.

3) Questions that are not about motorcycles.

know, it sounds obvious, but that includes stuff like ATV’s,
Skidoos, lawnmowers, genital herpes, etc, etc.

4) Libelous shit.

garage ripped me off. They’re villains!”. Okay,
you might feel that way, but they might feel differently.
If you can’t prove your accusations then you’re
liable to get sued. Choose your rant carefully.


It’s hard to read and a pain to retype. Turn off the