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Sleep Deprived

Although I had four hours to sleep I only managed to sleep for two – I just couldn’t relax. I was too wound up about all the little details I needed to take care of. I staggered through breakfast like a zombie, and wondered what I had gotten myself into. We hadn’t even arrived in Africa yet and I felt like I was already starting to fall apart …

Motorcycle Therapy in New Zealand

New Zealand is a motorcycle paradise — a country with a temperate climate, breathtaking scenery and roads of seemingly endless twists and curves. This all results in a riding experience similar to that found in Europe – but without the same level of traffic or speed enforcement although, as my travel companion discovered, that element can still be found!

CMG East Coast tour

The east coast of Canada is probably best known to motorcyclists for the Cabot Trail. And why not? It’s an amazing section of road and well worthy of the praise, but there’s a whole world of amazing sights, amazing roads and endless eastern hospitality to be found in the whole region. To bypass it all on the way to the Cabot is almost criminal.