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KTM Electric dirt bike

It won’t be the same without the "neeeeeeeeeeee" sound. Competition-oriented KTM have just announced that they’ve actually built a battery-powered, competition-ready race bike — pretty impressive stuff considering that nobody else has yet managed to make any two-wheeled vehicle bigger than a bicycle run far enough to be remotely useful. In co-operation with Arsenal Research … Continue reading KTM Electric dirt bike

New Guzzi & Aprilias – Not for Canada

GUZZI SPORT GETS 4V The Moto Guzzi Sport is now available with the updated 4V motor. The big German Intermot show produced yet another updated model from Moto Guzzi, this one called the 1200 Sport 4V. The Quattrovalvole (it’s actually an eight-valve, but for some reason Guzzi likes to number the valves in each cylinder) … Continue reading New Guzzi & Aprilias – Not for Canada