water-crossing1LONG TERMER: BMW R1200GS IV – A DAY IN THE DIRT

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My editor’s pick this week is another update on the BMW R1200GS long termer. Having kitted it out for the dirt in the previous update, we took the beast to scout for some new trails for the Fundy Adventure Rally and to see how she coped.

Combining a test with a scout may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but new trails can turn out nasty, and this day certainly did not disappoint. The GS was a trooper, as were my two assistants, who took several for the team in some rather large mud holes. Read all about it here.


Normally, that would be that for that, but I’d also like to bring your attention to a recent news item on CSC getting Transport Canada approval to bring in its RX3 adventure bike. This bike has always garnered a lot of interest with the CMG readership, but with announced pricing and a direct to customer sales model, it has also garnered a massive amount of comments – raising some very important potential issues, mostly answered by CSC’s Joe Berk.

We’ll do our own follow up with CSC shortly, but I highly recommend you check it out and read the 60+ comments to boot here. Could this be a new model for Canadian distribution?

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Cheers, Rob Harris

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