Canada’s biggest motorcycle website is offering a new co-op advertising program aimed specifically at the Canadian motorcycle dealer. Using our popular Medium Rectangle format, the new co-op ads appear on all pages throughout CMG, including mobile!

What’s more, we understand that you need to be able to target your customer geographically, so all these ads will be geo-targeted to your marketing area. After all, there’s no point reaching someone in Vancouver when your shop is in Halifax!

At $450 you save up to $130 on ad design (up to two models) and geo-targeting AND you can claim your hard earned co-op dollars! In return your ad is seen 15,000 times by viewers directly in your marketing area.

ad and info.png

What you get with this package:

    • Ad is geo-targeted by region so you only get viewers in you area ($50 saving)
    • Only one dealer per ad (you do not share your ad with potential competition)
    • Ads are OEM co-op approved (up to 70% of the cost paid by OEM)
    • Ad design and layout for up to two different models done by CMG (up to $80 saving)
    • Guaranteed 15,000 impressions (ad runs until impressions are delivered)
    • You pick the bike(s) you want to advertise (only one OEM per package)
    • Ad comes with direct link to your website (URL specified by you)
    • Monthly ad report of how well your ad is doing

BONUS – Spend $995 and get an additional 25,000 impressions – a total of 40,000, up to five different models and a saving of up to $455 on our regular rates!

For more information please contact our ad sales staff HERE