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Ontario denies Sikh request to ride without helmets

Religious requirements not enough reason for ditching helmets, says premier.

Sikhs ask Ontario if they can ditch helmets

Provincial court's 2008 ruling insists Sikhs must wear a skid lid, unlike Manitoba and B.C.

Sikh helmet case thrown out

Helmet, what helmet? The Sikh motorcyclist who challenged Ontario's helmet law has been told that the safety of his skull trumps his religious needs. His case...

Opinion: Ontario’s helmet law reversal

Here's the real reason why.

Opinion: Taking stock of motorcycles

How is motorcycling doing these days in Canada?

Opinion: Hitting the speed limit

Why not just establish a realistic speed limit and then stick to it?

Opinion: Fighting the helmet fight

If Sikhs don't have to wear helmets on motorcycles, what should that mean for everyone else?

Opinion: Cruising for a bruising

The helmet debate probably depends on which side of the border you live.

Opinion: Making our own rules

If we don't make our own rules, somebody else will make them for us - and that's not good.

Harley-Davidson’s next five years in Canada

For the CMG Chat, Mark sits down with the head of Harley-Davidson Canada.