BMW R1300 GS Adventure Debuts In Europe!

The new BMW R1300 GS Adventure is here, and it’s exactly what we expected: A beefed-up version of the standard R1300 GS, with the new flat twin engine, a new chassis, more fuel range, and the new Automated Shift Assistant (which functions as an auto transmission).

We don’t need to dwell too long on the engine; we already looked at the R1300-series powerplant last fall, when it debuted. It makes a claimed 145 horsepower at 7750 rpm and 110 pound-feet of torque at 6500 rpm, with a broader powerband than the old R1250 engine (more torque across the rpm range). There’s a new final drive design, and the engine is supposed to have less vibration as well.

The big update for 2024, introduced on the GS Adventure and spreading across the entire R1300 series later this year, we suspect, is the twist-and-go Automated Shift Assistant. This auto gearbox is optional; customers can spend extra and get this feature instead of the standard six-speed transmission. We wrote more about it when BMW first announced the ASA—see here.

The engine comes with four ride modes as standard: Rain, Road, Eco and Enduro. Heated grips are also standard, and so is a tire pressure monitoring system. Other former add-ons that are now standard are leaning ABS, aux headlights, engine drag torque control (adjustable engine braking) and the Dynamic Suspension Adjustment and Dynamic Cruise Control systems.


All good news, but what about the fuel tank? That’s arguably the most important feature of a GS ADV, and the new bike comes with a 30-litre tank, an 11-liter upgrade over the standard R1300 GS. Of course, along with all that fuel range, you also get a lot of weather protection from the big tank.


The new EVO Paralever and EVO Telelever, which are basically beefed-up versions of their older designs, come standard on the new Beemer.

Surprisingly, BMW will not offer a 21-inch front wheel for the GS Adventure, at least not this year. Instead, buyers get a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear; cross-spoked rims come standard, but for off-road riding, buyers can get forged enduro-style rims that cut almost 2 kg of weight.

There are a lot of other optional add-ons to go with those wheels. Buyers can pay extra for adjustable ride height (auto-dropping the seat height at stops), Dynamic Cruise Control (which follows traffic at a safe distance), aluminum luggage (37-litre topbox, 37-litre and 36.5 litre sidecases), Pro riding modes, and lots more.

BMW will also sell the new R1300 GS Adventure in three variant models, same as the standard R1300 GS: Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Karakorum. MSRP starts at $26,345 before taxes and fees and optional add-ons. For a list of the many features standard and optional, plus a lot more photos, check out BMW Motorrad’s Canadian website here.

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