Catch Up On The El Camino Motorcycle Show

For decades,  Canadian motorcycle television has consisted of two basic offerings: Motorcycle Experience, and Canadian Superbike broadcasts (and Sons of Anarchy and those chopper shows, but those have all thankfully disappeared—Ed.). Now, there’s a third option, and it’s already in its second season—it’s the El Camino Motorcycle show.

The El Camino Motorcycle show is hosted by a face that should be familiar to many Canadian motorcycle fans. Neil Graham, a veteran freelancer who helmed Cycle Canada for a while, is now on-camera in this made-for-cable show. He might be behind the camera sometimes too, as Neil’s an accomplished filmmaker.

Along with television broadcast on the WILD Television network, the El Camino Motorcycle Show is also on YouTube! Here’s its description:

Ride a motorcycle? Wished you rode a motorcycle? We transcend the clichés for stories no-one else dares to cover and we’re proud to bring you the second season of El Camino Motorcycle. Hosted by Neil Graham, El Camino deep dives into the world of motorcycling, stories unheard, roads unknown and views unseen. Join us on this epic adventure we call El Camino Motorcycle.

Nine episodes of the first season of the show are uploaded to YouTube, and now Season 2’s episodes are hitting the web. You’ll see everything covered here, from roadracing to choppers to adventure travel to long-distance touring, and it’s from a Canadian perspective. Ontario viewers in particular should recognize a scene or three as Neil and his co-hosts travel around exploring the moto world.

You can see everything that’s been uploaded to YouTube so far here. Watch ’em, and tell us what you think.

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