CSBK Round 1: A Return To Action In Shannonville

Photo: Rob O'Brien/CSBK

The Canadian Superbike series resumed over the May 19 weekend, with the season’s first races running at Shannonville. To nobody’s surprise, Ben Young was the most successful rider, taking his BMW S1000 RR to a double win in Pro Superbike and his Suzuki GSX-R750 to a single win in Pro Sport Bike. However, it was no easy walk in the park.

Young won his first bout in the initial Pro Sport Bike race after snatching the victory from Elliot Vieira (who had the holeshot and initial lead) and defending champ Sébastien Tremblay, who pressured Young hard for the win. Maverick Cyr and John Laing also pressed for the front, making the Sport Bike class a close-run affair as usual. The end result was a Tremblay-Vieira-Laing-Cyr finishing order behind Young for the top five in Pro Sport Bike’s first race for the weekend.

Then, in Pro Superbike, Young won the first race. It was no easy walk-in-the-park, although he started on pole. Jordan Szoke got his Kawasaki out front early, with Sam Guerin behind, with Trevor Dion and Young ending up in a battle for third. But lap-over-lap, the ranks shuffled and ended up with Guerin leading Szoke and Young, who eventually caught up. Young eventually prevailed on Lap 13, and the narrow lead he grabbed was enough to win him the race. That win, his 17th in Pro Superbike, put him into sole possession of third-overall on the all-time CSBK win list, past Pascal Picotte.

Race 2 of Pro Sport Bike went to Tremblay, who led the race from the start. Young pressured him hard, but crashed hard on the second-to-last lap due to a radiator hose self-destructing. Young’s DNF kept him off the podium and out of the points; Vieira grabbed the second from Young, and is now second overall in the rankings for the series, behind Tremblay. John Laing was third.

In the second Pro Superbike race, Young missed the holeshot as Guerin took off, but that changed quickly. By Lap 3, Young was in the lead again; he built that lead to 17 seconds by race’s end, with a 10 point lead in the championship and both W’s. Guerin ended in second and Szoke finished third.

Support classes

Laurent La liberté-Girard was first in Race 1 of Amateur Sport Bike, followed by Scott Szollos and then Serge Boyer. In Race 2, Boyer won, followed by La liberté-Girard, with Szollos in third.

Amateur Superbike saw Goran Radisic win the first race, followed by Tyrone Tavares, then Tyler Brewer. In the second race, Tavares won, followed by Radisic and with Brewer in third.

CSBK already has all their session results uploaded to their website. For winners in all the other amateur classes, see here.


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