Triumph TF 250-X: The Motocrosser Is Finally Here

Hinkley loves a good teaser campaign, and we’ve been given glimpses and sneak peeks of the new Triumph TF 250-X motocross bike for well over a year now. And now, that’s all come to an end, with the bike’s official launch.

Uh, sort of.

Triumph revealed their new motocross machine this week, but still left some details unrevealed. But we did get some key new info on the TF 250-X (which is apparently what they’re calling it).

Credit: Triumph

The engine itself has premium internals: forged aluminum piston, titanium valves, an Exedy Belleville clutch. DLC coatings keep internal friction to a minimum, and the engine covers are made of magnesium to reduce weight. Triumph says it wants the best power-to-weight ration in the quarter-liter motocross class… but we don’t know if they actually achieved that, because they didn’t tell us how much power the bike makes. We do know the wet weight is 103 kg.

The chassis has high-end parts as well. The frame itself is aluminum, with forged/machined 7075-T6 aluminum triple clamp. Fork and shock are from KYB, brake discs are from Galfer, with Brembo calipers. The wheels are based on DirtStar 7000 Series aluminum rims, laced to machined aluminum hubs. Even the handlebars are trick, using Pro-Taper ACF carbon core bars with ODI half-waffle grips.

Credit: Triumph

Triumph also will offer a wide range of accessories and an interesting online parts ordering system. In at least some markets, Triumph will offer direct-order online parts sales. And as for the accessory catalog, you’ll be able to get an Akrapovic exhaust, an XTrig holeshot device and a race seat with grippy cover. There’s also a launch control module from Athena, which will let the rider select traction control and launch control settings. The Athena module also has an LED rpm indicator. And, like the Japanese competition, Triumph will offer wi-fi tuning. Pay extra and you can order an MX Tune Pro Wi-Fi module that lets you dial in your engine performance trackside, even.

Asking price for the new bike is $11,495, and dealerships should have them in stock by next spring.

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