Vespa GTV Scooter: A Sporty Makeover

The 2024 Vespa GTV gets a visual update to go with new electronics. Credit: Vespa

The Vespa GTV has always been a throwback to the brand’s classic styling, but for 2023, the step-through gets a sporty update.

The four-stroke 300 HPE liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine is still standard, with EFI and four-valve head, putting out 23.8 hp (the most powerful engine Vespa’s ever built).

But the rest of the bike gets a significant makeover. The lighting is all converted to LED, including the “faro basso” headlight on the front fender. Vespa wants a classic look, but it also wants to keep with the times!

ABS and traction control are standard, then, even if the smallbore engine doesn’t need much muscle management.

New gauge cluster, new handlebar arangement, new keyless ignition! Credit: Vespa

That contemporary theme continues to the gauge cluster. It’s all digital LCD now, which allows Vespa to give you  much more information. The new dash can also connect to your smartphone via the Vespa MIA connectivity system (no doubt closely related to other Piaggio Group apps). There’s a USB port for charging your mobile device (tucked away in the rear storage compartment), and a keyless ignition system.

And of course, the look has been updated to keep with the times. It still looks like a classic Vespa, with retro paint and ventilated bodywork and ribbed cover on the saddle—but it looks like a modern take on the theme.

Also available in black paint. Credit: Vespa

For 2023, Vespa is selling the GTV in either tan or black paint, with both options getting black wheels and orange accent colors. If you’re keen, you can also add such accessories as a front luggage rack. See more photos at Vespa’s English website here. We do expect this machine to come to Canada, but as with anything from the Piaggio Group, it’ll take longer than most riders would like.

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