Harley-Davidson X440 Officially Breaks Cover In India

The X440 will be available in yellow, black, grey or red in India. Credit: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson has officially launched the X440 naked roadster in India. Built in conjunction with Indian manufacturer Hero, the X440 is the first in what is expected to be a line of small-capacity bikes built for H-D’s overseas market.

Basic engine

Instead of a V-twin, like Harley-Davidson’s previous made-in-India Street series, or a parallel twin, like the made-in-China X350 and X500, the new X440 comes with a single-cylinder powerplant. It’s a bit of a reach back into MoCo history, but of course Harley-Davidson has sold singles in the past—but it’s been a while.

The engine is air/oil-cooled, with fuel injection, chain final drive and a six-speed gearbox. We don’t know a whole lot more about it. Harley-Davidson’s India website says the bike gives 28 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm and 27 hp at 6,000 rpm (at the crank—less at the rear wheel, of course). All while blatting out an authentic Harley sound, we’re told.

Simple chassis

Similarly, there are no big tricks going on with the chassis. The front fork is from KYB, which means it’s probably half-decent. There’s no adjustability up front, but the rear shocks are 7-way adjustable for preload.

The frame is a steel trellis design. Braking comes from Brembo subsidiary ByBre, with a 320 mm disc up front and a 240 mm disc in rear. Dual-channel ABS is standard (there’s no mention of traction control in Harley’s PR, and frankly, no real need for it, with modest power output).

The X440 is supposed to weigh 190 kg. We presume that’s a curb weight, but we haven’t been told either way. Fuel capacity is 13.5 liters.

Other parts

Thankfully, LED lighting is standard (surprisingly, this still isn’t the case for many budget bikes from other OEMs). A TFT screen gives you important information such as fuel range, speed, gear position and so on. It also integrates with your smartphone if you have the Connect 2.0 package and correct app installed.

Taking a step back, it’s obvious the designers took a lot of inspiration from the classic EVO Sportster, with a peanut tank, cast rims, stepped seat and rear fender that all appear to be ripped from ’80s and ’90s Sportsters.

At this point, we have no idea if this machine is coming to Canada. If we do hear it’s going to come here, we will let you know immediately. Otherwise, find more details here, at Harley-Davidson’s India website.


  1. MEMO: Boys in Styling
    How did the fuel tank manage to end up noticeably too far back from the steering head ?

    Secondly,the protective metal grid on L.H. side to protect a woman’s sari should have
    been available as an expensive factory accessory and not an OEM part. Explain please.

    Chance of marketing success in N. America….NIL

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