BMW M1000 XR: The Performance Line Grows!

BMW M1000 XR
Credit: BMW

We’ve seen hints of a new addition to BMW Motorrad’s M-series lineup for a while now, and those hints became a reality this week. At the Isle of Man TT, BMW sent Peter Hickman on a trip around the island on a new M1000 XR prototype, and then sent out some details about the project in a press release.

That’s right, we called it a prototype, because that’s what BMW called it. No official release date was given, and certainly no MSRP. And while the XR series has long been pegged into the “adventure sports” category, BMW is emphasizing this bike’s on-road identity. The press release calls it a “long distance sports bike with the highest performance in the segment.”

The new M-XR is obviously based on the inline-four engine that BMW uses across the S1000 lineup. This version will feature the ShiftCam top end, with variable valve timing helping build more power while reducing emissions. BMW says the machine will make more than 200 hp, and the prototype will top 280 km/h. Huzzah!

With all that muscle on tap, riders will want improved control, and BMW says the machine will deliver, with ” chassis technology, aerodynamics and control electronics designed equally for high-performance road use, long-distance riding and fast laps on the racetrack.”

BMW’s World Superbike-derived M brakes are also standard, with a radial pump for increased performance.

Of course, the bodywork will include aerodynamic winglets. We’d bet on electro-suspension as well.

The end result will be a machine that’s lighter and more powerful than anything else in the “crossover” segment, says BMW. But you’ll have to wait for more details in the second half of 2023—maybe we can count on an EICMA reveal?


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