Kawasaki KX450 Improvements For 2024

2024 Kawasaki KX450. Credit: Kawasaki

Braaaap! Kawasaki’s KX450 motocrosser returns for 2024 with several updates—the first big overhaul it’s seen since 2019.

The changes start with the engine, where Kawasaki redesigned the cylinder head, with intake and exhaust systems moved to the center of the head to make the engine more controllable, efficient and responsive. No word on whether horsepower output changes, but no doubt riders will have plenty of opinions on that when they take to the track!

Speaking of horsepower: To help you keep that muscle under control, there are new power modes, offering full output or a milder delivery. Riders can adjust these modes using Kawasaki’s Rideology app, which connects to the bike via Bluetooth—this brings the MX bike in line with the competition, which has had smartphone tuning for a while now. A switch on the left handlebar turns the system on and off, and also controls the new traction control system. The TC system offers three levels of interference, so riders can set it to their liking.

Back to the hard parts. The aluminum perimeter frame is new, and there’s an updated brake system up front, courtesy of Brembo, including 270mm disc and a new caliper as well.

The bodywork is new; Kawasaki says it offers better ergos, and allows riders to easily move their position on the bike. There’s a new quick-release sidecover as well, a very useful feature for racing, where teams must swiftly access the air filter for hurried maintenance.

Kawasaki even included a new set of lock-on grips from ODI. Of course, lime green paint is standard as always. MSRP for the base model is $12,049, while the off-road variant, the KX450X, is $12,149. See more here.

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