Warner Bros. Reportedly Working On A Film Based On MotoGP

It’s been 50 years since On Any Sunday hit movie screens, and 20 years since Dust To Glory, and apparently Warner Bros. figures that’s enough time passed to work on a new movie about motorcycle racing—specifically, a film based around MotoGP.

‘Course, this time around, it’ll be a fictional feature, not a factual documentary like those movies from dad Bruce Brown (the ’70s movie) and son Dana (the ’00s movie).  But according to Autosport (where the story seems to originate), the film will feature real-life footage from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, edited to suit the narrative. You can do all that stuff with computers, we hear.

Autosport reports the movie will be called titled Idols, and feature a young rider in Moto2 who gets a shot at MotoGP via wild card. Expect romance and all that other boring stuff that gets jammed into movies, but at least it’s supposed to be directed by Andrew Eaton, who put together 2013’s Formula 1 retro-film Rush. Does that mean this new MotoGP film will also take a look at an older race series? Probably not; they’re filming it in 2024, for release in 2025, so we’d expect modern-ish bikes. But who knows. Maybe there will be flashback scenes or some other device to incorporate old footage.

Speaking of incorporating old things: How is Tom Cruise going to shoehorn himself into this production? Tom loves moto scenes in his movies, but he’s way too old to pass for an underfed Moto2 racer. Plus, they’d probably make him wear a helmet while racing, and that would be taking things too far for Tom! Maybe he’ll be a team owner… a former GP star… or maybe, just maybe, he’ll sit this one out.


  1. Whats going on with the Hailwood bio pic ? Some Aussie guy wants to play SMB….lets
    hope if it is greenlit the script is sort of well done and moderately accurate.

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