Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition vs. Mongolia

Husqvarna has a new motorcycle that it wants you to know all about. And, the PR crew has done more than just drop some details on the new Norden 901 Expedition (although we’ve got those for you below). They’ve also sent Cyril Despres (rally raid racer, including multiple Dakar victories) and Mike Horn (international adventure explorer) on a trip through Mongolia on the bike.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s how the original Norden 901 broke cover in 2021—as part of a multi-episode video series showing Despres and Horn putting that machine through its paces in Iceland. Above, we see them doing the same in Mongolia, showcasing the expanded capabilities of the new machine.

There’s a new windscreen, a new centrestand and other parts to make touring easier. Credit: Husqvarna

The details

The new Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition is an up-spec’d version of the standard 901 model, with improved chassis for harder off-road riding as well as touring capacity improved.

The suspension changes start with a new fork. Husky switched out the WP APEX 43mm fork (which was compression- and rebound-adjustable) for an XPLOR 48mm fork with which adds preload adjustability. This should allow for easier compensation for changing weights while loading out with luggage. It also adds 20mm of travel, to 240mm.

Outfitted for a true adventure trip, with new skid plate and better suspension. Credit: Husqvarna

We see a similar move in back, with the APEX shock switched out for an XPLOR unit, which adds high-speed and low-speed compression ability (the APEX shock was rebound- and preload-adjustable). Like the front, the rear gains travel with the new shock, adding another 25mm of travel for 240mm total, just like the front.

The rest of the new parts are mostly aimed at adventure touring. There’s a new skidplate, beefed up for bashing about in the dirt. Husqvarna included heated grips as standard, along with a larger windscreen and a new connectivity unit that makes it possible to sync up your phone for turn-by-turn satellite nav. There’s also a skidplate, making chain maintenance much easier.

Those soft bags will be included with each sale. Credit: Husqvarna

Although many riders will opt for aftermarket luggage, Husqvarna ships the 901 Expedition with soft panniers.

All these upgrades add weight. The standard 901 Norden weighs about 201 kg; the Expedition variant weighs about 211 kg.

One upgrade that doesn’t add weight: The original 901 came with “Explorer” riding modes as an option, allowing the rider to adjust traction control and other motor regulation settings. These modes are standard on the Expedition model.

Husqvarna doesn’t have a Canadian price listed on its website yet, but you can see more pictures and specs here.

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