Patent Drawing Hints At New BMW Single

If the G310 engine (R) gets this new shiftcam top end (L, as seen in a new BMW patent), then it won't look exactly the same, as some internals must shift around. But it'll be close enough that BMW can re-use many components if they wish, which keeps costs down. Credit: BMW

BMW hasn’t built its F650 single-cylinder platform for a while now, but it still builds the G310 (or rather, partner TVS builds it for BMW in India). And while that engine hasn’t seen a lot of changes since its introduction, it looks like BMW has plans to move it forward as emissions standards get tighter, with the help of Shiftcam technology.

This is the same variable valve timing that BMW uses on its S1000-series inline four, and the latest R1250-series flat twins. It utilizes two lobes per intake valve, instead of one. A shiftgate at the end of the cam moves its position to correspond with the engine load. This means the intake is always matched closely to the engine’s needs, improving throttle response and engine efficiency, with amore aggressive lobe for high rpm and a less aggressive lobe taking over at low rpm. According to BMW, the result in the multi-cylinder engines is “more power over the entire – particularly in the lower – engine speed range, increased energy efficiency and a very smooth-running engine.”

While the idea may be the same as what’s found on the larger engines, BMW obviously has to reconfigure the system to work on the single. While the intake cam itself will still slide, the actuating system will sit in the middle of the head, as you can see in the patent drawing above (which we found on the Motorrad website, but has been circulating around a few Internet motojourno sites).

A shiftcam top end probably won’t noticeably smooth out the G310 single (the counterbalancer does that job), the improved power and efficiency will certainly be welcome, along with any reduction in tailpipe emissions.

In turn, that hints at a long-term future for the G310 series. With worldwide sales since 2016, the small-bore Beemer has developed a following for its manageability and affordability, and it looks like that will keep on rolling for a while yet.


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