Honda CT125, XR150L Are Coming To Canada For 2023

The 2023 Honda CT125 Trail comes in at a price well under $6k, including PDI and freight. Credit: Honda

Big news from Honda today, as it confirms the CT125 Trail and the XR150L dual sport are both coming to Canada this year, at attractive pricing.

Honda CT125 Trail ($5,649)

Canada is getting the front-wheel-ABS-equipped version of this bike, which is a reboot of the old CT trailbike concept. The original CT90-CT110 series had semi-auto gearboxes, underbone frames and knobby tires for all-terrain capabilities. Due to their rugged, utilitarian nature, the original CT series was long prized by hunters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen, along with cottage owners, farmers and anyone else who wanted an accessible machine that could go off-pavement.

The new CT125 Trail came to overseas markets in 2020, and has been sold in the US for a while, but wasn’t available here until now. It’s powered by the same fuel-injected, air-cooled 124cc engine that Honda used before in the Grom (as well as the Wave scooter, the Ape, the Monkey, the Super Cub …). A four-speed semi-auto gearbox is standard, with no clutch required. Cargo rack and skid plate come standard.

It’s a bit heavier than the old CT series, and it doesn’t have the dual-range gearbox that those bikes featured, but it’s a good modern update of the idea. Honda says these machines will sell for $5,649 in Canada, which includes the MSRP  of $4,971 and $678 in freight/PDI fees.

The Honda XR150L has been sold in other countries for years, and is finally coming to Canada. Photo: Honda

Honda XR150L ($4,599)

In case you haven’t noticed, small-cc dual sport motorcycles have been practically unobtanium in recent years, so now we get this small-bore machine. Announced earlier this year for the US market, the XR150L is now also confirmed for Canada.

This bike is apparently carbureted, or at least, there’s no mention of EFI in Honda’s release. It runs an air-cooled 144cc SOHC single-cylinder engine, with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel. It’s supposed to make 12.5 hp at 7,750 rpm from what we’ve seen elsewhere, although some reports say as low as 9 hp. We’ve seen versions of this bike ridden in other markets around the world for a while now; in some countries, it’s sold as a farm bike, complete with cargo rack. It looks like the Canadian version will also get that treatment, and even comes with a backup kickstarter, a rarity in our modern world!

Even more rare: A price tag under $5,000. MSRP is a crazy-low $3,921, and freight/PDI fees are $678, for a total fee of $4,599. Guess what? Honda is going to sell a pile of these.


  1. I don’t know this appeals to me so much. I have a 650 dual sport which has way more power and better suspension. Still, I keep finding myself fantasizing about this 80 pound lighter bike with 500km fuel range to explore the abandoned logging roads with.

  2. Either of these bikes in electric, and I’d be there. Heck any Honda in the 125-250 size range with a battery instead of pistons would be something I’d take a long hard look at. I need something that I can scoot around town on and plug in at the end of the day.

  3. Finely after usa got this 4 year ago honda gets off there butt and is selling ct here. Sadly no adv 150 or passport or pcx 160 . Honda XR150L cost 2,348.52 in Mexico . I wonder where the hell extra 2 grand comes from? It’s the same bike. Honda is run by focus groups and honda asking dealers do you want to sell this or not . When the hell well we get adv 150,350 or forza 350 ?

  4. $4599.99 plus tax I am in. A rear rack and a real kick start and a old school carb.! A frugal runabout for the property and bit of fun on the trails. I will call dealer later and get info.

  5. The wanker that is David Booth quotes $4,791. So one of you si dyslexic. I sure hope it is Booth.

    $5,649 plus taxes is shocking for a stamped steel 125 made in Thailand.

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