The Great New Brunswick Adventure Rally Is Here For 2023

Credit: Zac Kurylyk

During 2020 through 2022, COVID-19 kinda ruined Canada’s motorcycle rally scene, even the adventure riding events. Now, we see a strong schedule from the crew at Rally Connex again this year, the KTM Adventure Rally Canada is back for 2023, and in New Brunswick, we see a new event based out of Adair’s Wilderness Lodge.

It’s called the Great New Brunswick Adventure Rally, and it’s going to be a pretty relaxed affair. If you’ve been reading CMG a while, you’ll remember that former big boss Editor ‘Arris started the Fundy Adventure Rally in 2014 and ran it out of the Adair’s facility; after Rob died, Eric and Teri Russell took over, but they had to end the rally in 2019 due to work commitments in Ontario. COVID-19 interrupted locals’ plans for a substitute event, but in 2022, we got the Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion.

Dozens of riders came from across eastern Canada and even the northeastern US to enjoy the New Brunswick trails once more—you can see photos and a write-up here—and it seems like everyone had a good time. So, for 2023, we’re getting the Great New Brunswick Adventure Rally, or as some people are already calling it, the GNAR.

This year, the rally will run September 8-10 out of Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, although we expect that some riders will arrive early or stay late, just like in the days of the FAR. Just like at the 2022 Reunion ride, there will be no official routes, no group dinners planned, no big-dollar corporate sponsorship. This event is 100 percent hassle-free, with riders coming and going as they please. While it seems the indoor accommodations are all booked up at this point, there will be plenty of room for tents and campers, and Adair’s always keeps the price for camping low and realistic—and that should be your only expense for this event.

Keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page for more details as they come in. If it’s anything like last year’s Reunion ride, there will be a lot of old friends and familiar faces, so if you’ve come to FAR before, chances are you’d be very happy to return for another weekend of wilderness riding.


  1. We have the interest from many riders . We have a great place to hold an event. Where are the sponsors KTM / Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki / Yamaha / Gas Gas etc .Where are you? Where are the dealers? A great way to promote dual sport riding and your brand no? Hey Harley where are your Pan Ams? A great place to show them off no? Lots wrong with the industry in Canada. Where is all the fun gone.Gonna get me a Honda 150xr and will be there having more fun per dollar than anyone else.

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