Surron Ultra Bee Coming To Canada For 2023

The 2023 Surron Ultra Bee. Note that this model will not be street-legal in Canada. Credit: Surron

Surron continues to expand its offerings in Canada, with news that the Ultra Bee off-road bike is coming here in 2023.

You might not be familiar with Surron, but at this point, they’ve proven to be the most tenacious of the made-in-China electric motorcycle manufacturers in our market. Showing up to the MMIC circuit before COVID-19 hit, Surron continued to bring bikes in through the pandemic and with this new machine now has a four-bike lineup available in Canada: The Light Bee S, Light Bee X, Storm Bee and Ultra Bee.

Surron says the Ultra Bee is a “middleweight trail weapon” (see the official press release below). It comes in at an MSRP of $7,999 CAD. For the sake of comparison, a new Honda CRF250F (a fairly basic model) currently carries a $6,539 MSRP in Canada, with all fees included, while the CRF250R (a competition bike) sells for $10,904. The Ultra Bee comes right in the middle of those prices, but it offers a very different package of features.

For the Ultra Bee’s $8k asking price, you get an permanent-magnet electric motor putting out the equivalent of 16.75 hp and just under 325 pound-feet of torque—remember, you’re riding an electric bike with tons of muscle right off the line. To help keep that muscle under control, there are three riding modes and a traction control system. There’s even a button-actuated reverse gear in the transmission.

Surron claims a range of 140 km at a speed of 50 km/h, with a maximum recharge time of four hours. The regenerative braking system obviously helps keep your 74V/55Ah li-ion battery topped up, but the low 85 kg curb weight also helps, as this means there isn’t a lot of excess weight to pull around. However, if you plan on riding A-to-B and not returning home for a recharge, Surron now includes a space on the bike for packing away your charger, potentially useful if you are traveling on a trail system. Note, though, that this bike is being brought to Canada as an offroad-only model for 2023.

The Ultra Bee comes with adjustable front and rear suspension, an aluminum frame and 19 inch front and rear wheels.

The Ultra Bee will be on display at this winter’s MMIC show circuit, at both Montreal and Toronto’s shows. More deets below, or at the Surron website.

Press release

Surron Announces MSRP and Delivery of 2023 Ultra Bee Electric Off-Road Motorcycle

Ottawa, ON (January 13, 2023) – DIAN Motors Inc., the exclusive authorized Canadian distributor of Surron electric motorcycles, is excited to announce pricing and release info for the 2023 Ultra Bee, Surron’s all-new middleweight off-road model. The Ultra Bee will come with an alluring MSRP of $7,999 CAD, with first units expected in Canadian dealerships by May of this year — just in time for prime riding season.

Anticipation has been high since the Ultra Bee was revealed globally in October of last year. Combining the best features of the wildly popular Light Bee X and full-size Storm Bee models, Surron developed the 2023 Ultra Bee as a highly desirable middleweight trail weapon. Featuring a new electric powertrain, low weight, adjustable off-road suspension, riding modes, traction control, regenerative braking and more, the 2023 Ultra Bee takes the off-road experience to a whole new level.

Due to limited availability, customers should contact their local dealer to reserve a unit. A Surron Canada dealer map can be found at .

Surron Canada has also released new pricing on the 2023 Light Bee X and Storm Bee F. The newest Light Bee X features an improved ride-by-wire throttle, larger 60V/38Ah battery pack and a newly designed handlebar mount, with an MSRP of $5,999 CAD. Due to economic circumstances, pricing on the Storm Bee F has increased to an MSRP of $11,999. Customers who placed deposits in late 2022 will receive the original pricing released last fall.

Anyone wishing for a closer look at all of Surron’s 2023 models are encouraged to visit the Surron Canada booth at The Motorcycle Shows in Toronto (Feb. 17-19) and Montreal (Feb. 24-26). For more details, specs, photo and video of the Ultra Bee, visit .

2023 Ultra Bee Highlights
• PMSM electric motor
• 12.5 kW peak power, 440 Nm peak torque
• Max. range: 140 km on a full charge (@ 50 km/h)
• 3 riding modes, traction control, regenerative braking, reverse gear
• 85 kg (187 lb) curb weight
• Max recharge time: 4 hours
• Quiet & emissions-free

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