The Numb Bum Is Changing Things Up


As far as Canadian motorcycle racing goes, there is one race that’s like no other—it’s called the Numb Bum, and it runs every (well, almost every winter) on a lake in Alberta. For 24 hours, competitors run a roadracing-style circuit around the ice, coming from across Canada to tackle this legendary race.

And now, it’s changing things up at the organizational level, and that means several other changes to the race, including a year off this winter. See the following update from the Pembina Dirt Riders Association, who have kept the race going for years:

To whom it may concern

After 20+ years for PDRA holding the torch and having the honor of hosting the Numb Bum 24 tradition including its challenges.

We have come to the conclusion that now is the time to pass on the torch to an other dedicated group.
After many discussions and negotiation we have come to an agreement with the Wapiti Offroad and it’s newly president Mr Charlie Dyer to let them continue the tradition and also to return the event to it’s birth location in Grande Prairie on Clairmont lake where it all began in 1984 .

To ensure a successful and fluid transition the next 31st Numb Bum will be held on February 2024 , using the same format, classes and rules as our past PDRA Numb Bum . Then if the Wapiti Offroad find the event successfully viable for a long term commitment they will continue our Albertan traditional event .

We please ask everyone to support them as much as you possibly can !

We would like to take time to send out a very special Thank you to all our past volunteer, directors, sponsors, spectators, local residents of Sandy Beach area and foremost the participants for a memorable 20 years .

Unfortunately, it will not be a Numb Bum in 2023, instead PDRA will focus on making every steps to help out a smooth transition and assist with the planning of the 2024 Numb Bum 24 hour by Wapiti Offroad.

So there it is. No Numb Bum this winter, and in the future, the race will return to Grande Prairie’s Clairmont Lake. It does sound as if the race’s future is in a bit of doubt, so if you have way to support the event, we suggest you do so! As for us here at CMG, we hate to see the Numb Bum miss another year, and we hate to see the uncertainty after 2024, as this event is near and dear to our hearts. Our original fearless leader, Editor ‘Arris ‘imself, rocketed into Canadian motosport legend when he and a crack team of crazed maniacs riders tackled the ’98 Numb Bum … on a Yamaha BWs50. See that story, and others about the Numb Bum, in our archives here.

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