Triumph Confirms Plan To Race Supercross, Motocross In 2024

Triumph is saying very, very little about its program to develop new enduro and motocross bikes, but today, we were given just a bit more info on the progress. Triumph has now confirmed its plan to race the SuperMotocross series in the U.S. for 2024, as well as the FIM World Motocross Championship in Europe, with two separate teams.

Today’s announcement was mostly about the U.S. team, which features several familiar faces in management. Although Ricky Carmichael is working with Triumph’s dirt program, he’s supposed to be the Global Ambassador, the face of the brand, not the race team’s brains—but of course he had some recommendations on who to sign.

Triumph now has Bobby Hewitt as the big boss of the US team, and Stephen “Scuba” Westfall as the manager. Both of those guys most recently worked on Husqvarna’s race program in the U.S.

Triumph also announced AMA hall-of-famer Dave Arnold is coming to work on the race bike’s chassis, and Dudley Cramond is aboard as the drivetrain specialist. They’ll all be working out the bike’s development at a new private race facility in the U.S.

Over in Europe, Triumph has signed Thierry Chizat-Suzzoni, an MXGP veteran, to run its World Motocross Championship race team.

So when do we see the new Triumph motocross bikes? Triumph says it plans to race the US and European series in 2024, so—sometime in the next 12 months? We’d bet the machines will be unveiled next fall at or around EICMA. Triumph says it will unveil its 250 four-stroke first, and then a 450 four-stroke for racing in 2025.


  1. Good luck to Team Thailand! What the Bloor family have undertaken seems like another
    Dunquerke. Expensive MX and enduro models are unlikely to find many buyers. I suspect
    Triumph will adopt the insipid internet practice of building and ordering your bike on a
    computer at your house with a fixed price. Triumph should be following the numerous
    stabs at resurrecting the Norton marque with very expensive re-engineered dinosaurs.
    Even working at a viable cost effective electro-cycle would gladden any MBA’s heart Hands..
    hands…who remembers Cannondale and ATK..?

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