Daymak Combat eBike: Made For Snow Or Trail

If you’re paying attention, you’ll hear lots of buzz about Canada becoming a leader in the global EV future. Whether that’s realistic or not is hard to say, but considering the state of our current automotive and powersports industries, well, we’ve got some work to do, if we want to be taken seriously.

Having said that, there are definitely interesting new EVs coming out from Canadian inventors, including electric snowmobiles, off-road campers and personal watercraft—and this Daymak Combat e-bike, which is made for both trail and snow usage (it is not street-legal). It was designed in Canada.

Daymak will be a recognizeable name for some readers, as the company’s been around a while, selling ebikes, electric scooters and other light EVs. This latest machine is a bit of a tack in a different direction, and details are still pretty light.

Here’s what we do know: Those fat tires are supposed to make this machine usable in loose, unpaved condition, sort of like a Yamaha TW200 or an old Honda FatCat. However, note those tiny wheels (10-inch front, 8-inch rear) on the Combat; even the lowly Tee-Dub had better wheels than that, and judging by the slow speeds in the promo video above, this machine is not made for hooning about in the dirt.

However, the ability to convert to a snowbike is quite interesting. There’s not very much information about this capability; the Daymak website says the conversion should take about an hour, if you know what you’re doing.

Considering the fact that many Canadian riders see their riding areas covered in snow for months a year, the ability to convert to a snowbike will be most welcome, even if this machine doesn’t have the capability of the latest Timbersled setup. However, the price tag is very high, with price tag for a single unit at $14,999, with a $1,000 deposit… and delivery is months away.

That probably wouldn’t be as much as a brand-new dirt bike with a Timbersled track kit, but it would be fairly close (Timbersled kits will cost you about $7,000, give or take a few hundred bucks). And a Japanese or Euro gas-powered dirt bike will certainly be easier to live with in some ways, with no need to wait for recharging. The Daymak Combat does have a removable battery; if it’s a quick-swap, that would eliminate this issue, although it would cost you extra. However, those details are not spelled out clearly on Daymak’s site. The brochure simply says it changes out in minutes, and the website gives us the following info:

The Daymak Combat ebike is a powerful, electric vehicle that can be used all year long. Not matter the terrain dirt or snow the Combat can fight them all. The Combat Ebike comes with rugged off tires and a complete kit to convert for snow that can be changed in 1 hour. It comes with a 4800WH Lithium battery pack for a range of up to 80 kms/50 miles and with a 5000W motor with top speed of 70 kmh /44 MPHS which allow you to climb any mountain up to 35 degrees. The Founder’s edition you can select your own unique number from one of the first 100 units built and also comes with free perks! The Combat has no emissions and no fuel costs—it’s basically just pure adrenaline powered by electricity.

If that’s good enough for you to lay down $15,000, including a grand up front, then find more details here and here.

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