KTM Brings The 790 Duke Back To Canada, And New 1290 Super Duke GT

The 2023 KTM 790 Duke. Credit: KTM

KTM first introduced the 790 Duke to Canada in 2017, and then replaced it a couple of years later with the 890 platform. Now, the 790 Duke is coming back to Canada for 2023, in updated form.

Judging by KTM’s press release, it appears the 790 Duke is intended to once again be the base model in the LC8c lineup, with the 890 Duke R positioned as a more high-spec version of the platform. There is no comment yet on whether or not we will also see a 790 Adventure return to the lineup, as that machine was replaced by the 890 Adventure and we’ve seen no indication that will change.

At one point, the story was that these newer 790 models would be built in China, as part of KTM’s partnership with CFMoto. CFMoto certainly builds KTM-branded bikes for its home market, but we’ve seen no confirmation that the new 790 models coming to Canada will be made in China.

In base form, the new 790 Duke will have cornering-sensitive traction control and ABS (with Supermoto mode, allowing you to lock the rear wheel), along with Rain, Street and Sport ride modes, all-LED lighting, and a 5-inch TFT screen. KTM’s Quickshifter+ is available as an option (for clutchless upshifts and downshifts), along with adjustable engine braking, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control and a Track mode.

KTM says the new 790 will be here in December, but we’ve seen no price tag yet. More info and specs here.

The 1290 Super Duke GT, the most aggressive sport tourer on the market (and it’s not even a true sportbike!) returns to Canada as well. Credit: KTM

New 1290 Super Duke GT

Good news! The updated 1290 Super Duke GT, which European customers got last summer, is coming to Canada for 2023, once again bringing the attitude of a hypernaked roadster with minimal touring accoutrements tacked on.

The 1301 cc V-twin is reworked, to meet new emissions standards, and the bike once again comes with WP Apex semi-active suspension, allowing the rider to select electro-adjusted preload for Rider, Rider & Pillion, Rider & Luggage or Rider, Pillion & Luggage weights. Anti-dive function also comes standard. There’s a new 7-inch TFT screen and new switchgear, new (lighter) wheels, new ContiSportAttack 4 tires, and Sygic-powered Turn-by-Turn PLUS navigation. This bike certainly sounds like a lot of fun—the outgoing model sure was—but we haven’t seen a price tag for this machine either, or an arrival date. More info and specs here.

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