EICMA ’22: New Suzuki GSX-8S

Credit: Suzuki

Suzuki finally introduced its new 800 parallel twin to the public at EICMA today, starting with the new GSX-8S naked bike.

This machine has edgy Euro lines, but some sensible design choices that should keep the price down, starting with the 270-degree parallel twin engine, with four-valve heads and 776 cc capacity. It also features a new Suzuki counterbalancing technology. The head has a Cross Balancer system built in to keep vibes down. Here’s how Suzuki describes it:

The first biaxial primary balancer on a production motorcycle to position its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft, this patented mechanism suppresses vibration to contribute to smooth operation, while its design also helps realize a lighter powerplant that is more compact from front to rear.

Definitely more in line with Euro styling than anything we’ve seen from Suzuki in a while. Credit: Suzuki

A slip/assist clutch comes standard, and there’s a quickshifter, for clutchless travel through the six-speed gearbox in either direction. Suzuki claims the engine makes 83 hp at 8500 rpm and 57 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm.

So, a new engine, but with some cost-reduction measures. That theme carries on to the chassis, which features a steel frame and KYB fork and shock—the shock features preload adjustability, and that’s the only tinkering you can do with the suspension settings.

The swingarm is aluminum, as are the cast wheels.

So far, no Canadian MSRP listed. Credit: Suzuki

The brake system features dual radial-mount calipers up front, and 310 mm discs; in back, a single disc. While ABS is standard, it does not appear to be leaning-sensitive, since this bike doesn’t have an IMU to power such a system. Same goes for the traction control.

Does that matter? Probably not. Suzuki’s S.I.R.S. features (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System) should keep your bike out of trouble at an affordable price, instead of raising the price with more expensive stability sensors and software. This system includes a three-setting drive mode selector, along with three-way adjustable traction control that can also be turned off. The company’s Low RPM Assist and Easy Start function also come standard.

Cool, modern-looking headlights! Credit: Suzuki

Fuel capacity is 14 liters; curb weight is 202 kg.

Want more details? The GSX-8S is already featured on Suzuki’s Canadian website … with no MSRP. But, we do hope to see it here soon.


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