GasGas ES700 Dual Sport, SM700 Supermoto Soon Available in Canada

Credit: GasGas

Got GasGas? In coming weeks, Canadians will be able to buy two new street-legal bikes from GasGas, the ES700 dual sport and the SM700 supermoto. Both are supposed to arrive at Canadian dealers in November of 2022.

GasGas has come a long way in the past few months. Since KTM’s owners added GasGas to the fold (Husqvarna was already tied to KTM), GasGas has converted from a boutique Spanish trials bike manufacturer to a company with a broad line of bikes aimed at dirt or street and dirt riding—along with some trials bikes that are still made in Spain.

Credit: GasGas

The dual sport line includes two new thumpers, both based on KTM’s 690 platform. In case you missed our review of the KTM 690 Enduro R earlier this year, or the Husqvarna 701 Enduro last year, just know that we’ve been very happy with this engine and chassis. The liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine comes with 74 hp at 8,000 rpm, and 54 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm, according to KTM. The quickshifter allows you to mash between the gears with reckless abandon and no use of the clutch needed. The dual counterbalancer makes it far smoother than any big-bore thumper should be. Throttle-by-wire allows for multiple engine maps.

There are other electronic add-ons, including cornering-sensitive, switchable ABS and traction control. This is the most highly advanced true dual sport on the market today. The WP suspension (both front and rear are from the XPLOR line) is made for high-speed, aggressive work; it’s a much different feel than any 650 from Japan.

Credit: GasGas

So what will be different with the GasGas version? Hard to say, aside from the finish. Most of the specs look more-or-less the same as the KTM and Husqvarna versions, and if GasGas continues the same pattern with the 700 as it has with other bikes, these will be slightly less flashy and slightly less pricey than the KTM line.

The ES700 will come with a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear tire; the SM700 will come with fat 17-inch tires front and rear. We haven’t seen pricing yet, but no doubt GasGas dealers will have that information shortly. See the official GasGas press release below:

Press release


Say hello to two new red-hot single-cylinders – the GASGAS SM 700 and the GASGAS ES 700! Introducing the playful and vibrant GASGAS character to the street, these high-performance siblings deliver a distinct, upright and inviting approach to riding. With powerful single-cylinder motors, razor-sharp handling and the latest rider aids, enjoying city streets and offroad adventures has never been so much fun!

GASGAS hits the streets with the SM 700 and ES 700!
Confident and inviting offroad-inspired centered riding position
GET ON THE GAS with playful, big-bore, single-cylinder bikes

Just like with our offroad bikes, the introduction of the GASGAS SM 700 and the GASGAS ES 700 is all about bringing something a little different to the party, bringing bikes that put a smile on people’s faces. With distinct, reliable, high-performance bikes that reflect our Spanish heritage and fun-loving personality, we welcome every kind of rider and encourage them to GET ON THE GAS!

Reestablishing ourselves as a leading force in offroad racing and riding during the last two years by successfully introducing a complete offroad lineup, we quickly went from being the new kids to picking up race wins and championship trophies. But it’s not just the offroad world we’re interested in. Just like we did in the dirt, we’re again looking to reestablish ourselves and have some serious fun on the street!

GASGAS street bikes benefit from an agile, high-performance technical base. Designed to deliver the very best handling and constructed at the lowest possible weight, the chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame ensures razor-sharp cornering and straight-line stability. Further enhancing the riding experience of these super singles, a die-cast aluminum swingarm offers just the right amount of flex to transfer the unrestricted power to the ground, while a 3.6-gallon (13.5 liter) fuel tank integrated into the polyamide subframe keeps the center of gravity as low as possible. For total control and stability when drifting into the corners, the latest Bosch ABS systems and a PASC slipper clutch balances the bike perfectly for precise turning.

The beating heart of these bikes is undoubtedly the motors! Producing usable horsepower that peaks at 8,000 rpm and pumping out serious torque numbers, you can ride these versatile bikes your own way. Beneath the fresh red livery, which aligns these street models perfectly with our EC and MC lineup, there’s plenty of hidden magic going on. State-of-the-art electronics always ensure precise throttle response with power on tap, while smooth shifting up and down the six-speed gearbox is assured thanks to the integrated Quickshifter.

Complete with the latest emissions compliant exhaust systems, advanced Ride Modes, and assembled with quality components throughout, the GASGAS SM 700 and ES 700 deliver pure riding pleasure, both on and off the road.

SM 700
Bringing single-cylinder fun to any daily commute, no matter where you’re headed, the GASGAS SM 700 is a big-bore Supermoto that guarantees riders will always arrive with a smile on their face! With punchy power that’s perfect for lively urban street riding, the SM 700 delivers class-leading performance, dynamic on-road handling, advanced electronics, together with a vibrant GASGAS look. Getting from A to B has never been easier, more enjoyable or more exhilarating!

ES 700
Delivering versatility to the max to ensure every ride is an enjoyable one, on the ES 700 all riders can explore remote trails, enjoy mixed-surface adventures, or simply add a little more fun to their daily commute. A playful, do-it-all dual-sport performer, the GASGAS ES 700 mixes high-quality, street-legal performance with proven offroad capabilities to proudly bring the playful and vibrant GASGAS attitude to the street. And with its 3.6-gallon (13.5 liter) fuel tank, comfortable riding position, high-spec equipment and proven single-cylinder motor, there’s nowhere the ES 700 won’t go. How far you take it is up to you!

To ensure riders get the very best out of the SM 700 and ES 700, GASGAS has a complete range of Technical Accessories and Apparel. Making customization and personalization super easy, GASGAS has all the technical parts needed to ramp up the protection, dial in the style, and unlock even more big-bore performance. With the Supermoto Suit and Supermoto Gloves, riders can ride hard knowing they’re extremely well protected.

Availability of the new SM 700 and ES 700 begins this November at your authorized GASGAS dealer.


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