Yamaha Tenere 700 Series Updated For 2023

One of the new 2023 colour schemes. Credit: Yamaha

The Yamaha Tenere 700 adventure bike series is updated for 2023, with new electronics but few changes to the hard parts.

Both the standard-model Tenere 700 and the up-spec Tenere 700 Rally will retain the same 689cc parallel twin engine and the same chassis.  So what’s new? The list starts with a new five-inch TFT dash, which comes with a Street mode (set up with twin speedo/tach gauges that most riders are used to) and Explorer mode, which is more focused on information that’s useful for off-road riding, including an emphasis on engine speed, to help riders stay in their engine’s powerband.

A new screen with emphasis on its secondary off-road mode. Credit: Yamaha

This TFT screen also allows more connectivity to the rider’s mobile device via Bluetooth. Actually, this function is enabled by a new Communication Control Unit (CCU), which connects to the phone through Yamaha’s MyRide app, and the TFT screen is used to interface with the system while riding (answering calls, etc.). The MyRide app also collects all sorts of ride data, and can notify the rider of motorcycle maintenance information, even forwarding that information to a dealership if the rider wishes.

Yamaha also includes pre-wiring for a quickshifter. The quickshifter itself costs you extra; it’s available through Yamaha’s official accessory program.

No Canadian pricing available yet. Credit: Yamaha

Previous Tenere 700s came with simple on/off ABS options; now, Yamaha offers a third mode, which leaves ABS engaged on the front wheel, but disengages it at the rear wheel. This is similar to the off-road ABS mode available on many other current-gen ADV bikes.

LED signal lights now come standard, and there’s a new USB charging socket. The front brake lever is re-designed to be more robust, and the 2023 models come with new colour choices.

The new bikes haven’t showed up on Yamaha’s Canadian website yet, but we’re sure to see pricing listed there soon.


  1. Just receive my 2023 one and it’s the same as 2022…
    What disappoint me the most is all the publicity with these exiting new feature and nobody notice me of these downgrade.
    These features are still on Yamaha site gallery .. where can we register for class action? 🙂

  2. Hi CMG folks, I’ve just confirmed with Yamaha Canada we will not be seeing the 2023 version of the updated Tenere 700. Any chance you folks could dig into this and find out why we’re still paying $700 more for an unchanged bike. Just thought I’d ask if you could help. Thanks

  3. I’m waiting to hear back from my dealer if Yamaha Canada has decided not to import the new bike but still charge the 2023 price, interesting Yamaha Canada.

  4. After checking with my dealer in Qc., he told me that they dont have any confirmation about those changes. I have a 2023 T7 on order and was excited about the tft ,abs mode and other changes but it seem that I will have the same bike has 2022 but a new color and $800 more. very disapointing from Yamaha.

  5. I spoke with my local dealer and was told the Yamaha rep said the quick shifter for the 2023 t7 is only available in Europe. If this is the case why are we paying for this upgrade in Canada?

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