Triumph Builds Speed Triple 1200 RR Bond Edition

Photo: Triumph

Triumph has announced another tie-in with the James Bond film franchise. Fresh on the heels of the auction of a stunt bike from the latest entry in the series (see the stunt Scrambler XE from No Time To Die here), Triumph is now announcing a limited-production Speed Triple 1200 RR Bond Edition.

What sort of gadgetry might Q have packed into this model, you ask? Uh, not much. Far as we know, there are no smokescreen emitters, no hidden compartments with poison antidotes or trick handguns, no rocket launchers. Instead, you’re getting all the macho performance of the Speed Triple mixed with a paint scheme that celebrates the Bond films.

Photo: Triumph

Here’s Triumph’s list of the bike’s features. Of course, the changes really only add up to special livery; all the hard parts are still the same as the RR, and that’s OK. That’s not the point:

Beautiful and unique Bond Edition scheme
• Custom 60th anniversary black paint scheme featuring all 25 James Bond film titles, with official 007™ graphics and hand-painted gold lining
• Iconic James Bond gun barrel design on the signature RR cockpit fairing
• Custom gold badging and logo detailing

Exclusive and desirable
• Strictly limited to only 60 motorcycles worldwide, each individually numbered on
the unique new handlebar clamp badge
• Exclusive 007™ indoor bike cover featuring custom James Bond design detailing
• Hand-signed certificate of authenticity

All the elegance, performance and attitude of the new Speed Triple 1200 RR
• Combining distinctive British elegance and style with exhilarating real-world performance, for the ultimate sports bike for the road
• 1160cc low-inertia triple engine delivering 178HP peak power and 92 ft lb peak torque
• Focused and engaged RR rider ergonomics with clip-on handlebars
• Premium Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 electronically adjustable semi-active suspension
• High-performance Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 tires
• State-of-the-art rider technology including full-color TFT instruments with My Triumph connectivity, optimized cornering ABS and switchable optimized cornering traction control

Photo: Triumph

Although the Scrambler might be a more practical street bike, you’re buying this Bond-edition machine as a bragging rights item anyway, so it’s understandable why Triumph would opt to use the Speed Triple 1200 RR instead. But again—chances are you probably aren’t going to take this on a track day (but if you’re a billionaire mad lad who does, please send us pictures and video!).

Triumph will only sell 60 of these bikes worldwide; the ones coming to Canada will carry a $28,995 price tag (plus taxes and fees, of course). If you want one, best to get down to your dealer ASAP with a briefcase full of money. These bikes certainly aren’t for everyone, but there is always a market, and these will sell fast.


  1. You buy one of these flaming turkeys and be prepared to be laughed and scoffed at until
    you regurgitate your double soy,extra shot de-caf latte at your regular preening session.
    Somebody in Hinckley is getting some dosh on the sly for green-lighting this thing. Yikes !

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