Moto Guzzi offers up the air-cooled V7 Stone Special Edition

Photo: Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi is changing things up these days, a lot. You’ve got the V85 TT rally raid homage, an adventure bike that really started today’s obsession with Dakar bike styling. You’ve got the V100 Mandello, the first production motorcycle with active aerodynamics. But don’t worry, the Italian manufacturer is still keeping it real for fans of its classic roadster—it’s just announced the V7 Stone Special Edition.

While it’s called the V7, this engine is different from the older V7 platforms; it’s not a 750. It’s a detuned version of the same engine that’s in the V85 lineup, with 853 cc capacity. That detuning does downgrade horsepower from 80 hp to 65 hp, but the lower-spec internals also mean a lower price. No doubt that’s a welcome feature all on its own for V7 Stone buyers, as this is usually one of the lowest-priced bikes in Guzzi’s lineup—if not the absolute cheapest.

That’s no 750, not these days. Moto Guzzi detuned the V85 engine for this bike. Photo: Moto Guzzi

That’s because the Stone usually has a pretty no-frills paint job, but note that this Special Edition does glam things up a bit, with red trim on the tank, sidecovers and shock coils. Also, there’s an Arrow exhaust, which will probably give a more throaty sound and maybe even affect power delivery.

How much longer will the classic V7 be around? Hard to say, as Europe tightens emissions laws. And, these bikes are still built in Moto Guzzi’s Italian factory, while all the other so-called European competition have outsourced the majority of their production overseas, at least for their lower-priced models. If you’re a fan of motorcycles with soul, you have to appreciate the V7 at that level at least—it’s not just a consumer product, it’s a product made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. And if that tickles your fancy, you might want to talk to your dealer about buying one of these, before they’re regulated out of production. We haven’t seen them confirmed for Canada yet, but no doubt they’ll show up on our shores sometime in 2023.

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